Elevated White Blood Cell count after ET anyone?


Has anyone else experienced an elevated white blood cell count after an embryo transfer? My blood work (five days after transfer and 12 days after transfer showed an elevated WBC count. I dont feel sick or have any type of sinus infection at all. I’m taking PIO, Mentax (folic acid), prednisone 20mg, Lovenox 1x a day. Any thoughts?


Hi Agracie, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you take a WBC count? Is it normal procedure?

After my last failed cycle, I took b/w which showed high levels of Natural Killer Cells…these apparently could have been the reason for my Chemical. I am currently undergoing LIT to counter this condition.

I am not sure if these have any correlation though. I pray everything works perfect for you and you have an uneventful and beautiful pregnancy.:bsv:


Hi there! My first question also was why they checked a CBC… However, prednisone will increase your WBC. (I’m a pediatrician and we see it all the time in kids who are on prednisone for asthma attacks) Rest assured!



Thank You

Thank you for responding ladies! My RE does a CBC if/when taking the Lovenox. I had a third CBC done today and the results will be back tomorrow. My RE did also say that the prednisone could cause the elevated WBC. I’m praying that everything is OK but I feel a little better to read these posts so thank you :slight_smile:


I am on dexamethasone to help keep my immune system low, im also on lovenox 2x/day, and levothyroxine as my throid acts up in pg only, as well being on MetanX 2/day, 100mg PIO and estrogen.
I had my CBCs checked yesturday and my WBC were elevated as well. It is common in pg, and most all pg women have elevated WBC so its normally not a big deal … however can also be a concern. I know for me ill be going in for another intralipids infusion for it. I had an infusion 5 days before my ET and was going to go for my 2nd infusion around 6/6.5 weeks but doc wants me to go in a bit sooner because of my elevated WBC. But i also have a long history of RPL due to immune issues.