Embryo Adoption in MD?


My husband and I just had our first IVF cycle, without success. As we try and decide whether or not we want to continue with ART, we are considering embryo adoption. Any couples in the state of Maryland have suggestions about agencies? How did all of the legal issues work out for you? Our doctor seemed to think that the legal precedents were still too shaky and untried to make it a good option.


Small World. I live in Maryland and have been considering embryo adoption after 1 failed IVF cycle. We have been researching and running pros and cons lists on all types of ways to start our family. The research I did on embryo adoption lead me to (after talking to many fertility centers) Cooper Center for IVF. Go to there website, there are not a bunch of legal hoops to go through. They are in NJ, but their fees are reasonable (the info packet the nurse sent me netted out around 4G). PM me if you want more info or would just like to chat with someone in your same boat.


website to look at

There are a lot of great resources for those considering embryo adoption at EmbryoAdoption.org. They have a list of clinics with EA services and EA programs across the country to.


donor embryo

Ladies - be aware that there are usually very long wait lists for donor embryo. I contacted Cooper earlier this year and they had a 1 1/2 - 2 year wait at that time. I would get on a list as soon as possible if you decide to go that route. Good luck.


Thank you Tink for the advice. Calling them first thing Monday. :slight_smile:


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We have twin girls through embryo adoption. We used the clinic that we had gone to before we adopted our son from Guatemala. We had no wait time for the embryos. I would encourage you to call all the clinics in your area or however far you are willing to travel. A lot of them have programs but do not advertise it.

Best of Luck in your Journey:grouphug: