Embryo Transfer at age 54


:flower:Hi all- I know this is a long shot but after losing my opportunity to have kids with 2 diff men, I am going to pursue this. 1) does anyone know where to go and if it is affordable? 2) can you choose the ethnicity? Sorry to be so un-informed, I have emailed countless agencies in the US and overseas and 54 is not accepted. Thanks so very much


Honestly I don’t know that you will be able to find a clinic willing to work with you at 54. I’m sorry. Maybe the ladies at the over 40 board have more advice. I think there is a famous one in Colorado that specializes in older mothers but not sure exactly what they are willing to do. I know it sucks to hear but at a certain point maybe adoption really is the best option. :frowning:


Try the donor egg board. It is almost obsolete since the changes on this board, but someone left over there might know. I know there was someone in Califronia that transferred at 56 or 58. I believe it was in San Diego. However, most clinics will not do anything once you hit 51. I would try the donor egg and over 40 boards and see if anyone there knows. Good luck!


Try: http://www.californiaconceptions.com/
I am 46 and just went through my 2nd successful cycle with them. Good luck.


Just wanted to throw it out there, but if transferring/carrying yourself is met with too much resistance, would gestational or traditional surrogacy be an option you’d consider? I say this because adoption is actually not the panacea people think it is. Agencies also have age restrictions, and if a newborn is your hope, private/independent adoption is the way to go if it is legal in your area. I don’t even want to suggest foster to adopt, as that can be a lengthy shot in the dark.
Good luck!