Embryo transfer to clinic


Hi, we are considering EA. I was wondering what information/releases the storage facility/clinic would need to send the embryos to our clinic? Is it possible to go pick them up and transport the embryos to your clinic yourself to save on shipping/mishap? How long did it take for the clinics to coordinate? Just trying to understand how the process works from the time your are selected to be a recipient…



I can’t help too much with your questions but I do know that it is possible to pick up/deliver embies yourself.
Ours are currently in sotrage at our RE office but we’re looking at transferring them to a long term storage place. We can rent a shipping tank, pick them up, drive them to the storage place and then return the tank.
This might be because they are already our embies, although I assume with EA when you are selected they become yours even before they leave the facility. (I know an adopted embie is yours I’m just not sure the point at which custody changes).
Also I know from shipping donor sperm from storage to the clinic, they only needed a days notice to ship it locally and overnighted it when it was going out of state. Again, I assume the same for embryo shipping.

Sorry I wasn’t more help. But good luck with everything !!


That is a great help. Thank you!


Embryos are not adopted, they are received from a donor (e.g. donated). There is no custody. This is important, especially when dealing with IVF clinics and storage facilities. You need to make sure that if you are doing a designated donation (open identity donors) that you choose a clinic that has experience with this and the necessary legal transfer documents or you may run into issues down the road because embryo vials are usually labelled with the donor families information. You also need to take into account that if the clinic where the embryos were stored by the donors is not a clinic that does designated donations, then the embryos will probably need to be moved by the donor family to the new clinic/storage facility and then the legal transfer documents would be done at the new facility. This is how I had to do it. In that case, you would not be able to pickup the embryos because they are the legal PROPERTY of the donor family still. If you are doing an anonymous donation through a clinic or using one of those so-called “adoption agencies” then it is entirely at the discretion of the clinic/agency when the legal transfer of ownership occurs. Agencies usually like to handle the coordination of moving embryos to your clinic (and charge you accordingly).