Embryo transfer tomorrow


Hi All,

I’ve been reading this forum for the past month now whilst we have been going through treatment at the Lister Fertility Clinic in Chelsea.

Tomorrow is the big day. Last week 4 eggs were extracted and on Saturday we received the good news that 3 out of the four had fertilised.

I checked up today, praying all was well and thank god one cell is at the 6 cell level and the other two at 4 cell. :woohoo:

The embryo lady said that its more than likely the implantation will happen tomorrow. :pray:

It’s been quite a ride for my wife and I but I’m quite scared. We are both 35 and I’m wondering why they are not waiting for the blastocyst stage.

They also informed us that its more than likely the two 4 cell embryos will be transfered as the 6 cell one is of a lower grade. How do they grade. Surely speedy should be at an advantage?

Any advice? please please pray for us.

Doting Husband


Praying for you and your wife. My clinic will do a 3 day transfer if there aren’t very many embryos in order to ensure you don’t get to day 5 and have lost all of them since lots of embryos arrest and stop dividing. I know at my clinic when they grade an embryo is has a lot to do with fragmentation and equal cell division. I hope this helps but like I said, this is what my clinic does and I can’t really speak for your clinic. Good luck.


My clinic does the same thing when fewer embryos are available. In fact, I also had 4 eggs retrieved and the day of retrieval my RE was talking about the possibility of doing a 2 day transfer. All 4 ended up fertilizing and 2 were transferred on day 3.

Here is another clinics info on how grading is done: Embryo Quality and Grading for IVF, Day 3 IVF Embryo Grades & Scores Predict Implantation