Embryo Transfer without a full bladder


I have my embryo transfer scheduled for Wednesday. I asked about having a full bladder & was told I don’t need one. Has anyone ever had a transfer without having a full bladder? If so, did they still use an abdominal ultrasound?



I think the full bladder is only necessary when doing an ultrasound guided transfer.My old RE didn’t use u/a or require full bladder. I have gotten BFP with every cycle (they just don’t stick). Some REs
Do things the old way. Good luck!


I did several times. Once got pregnant but mc.another time chemical. My last transfer was with the ultrasound and fupl bladder but ended in chemical.
If a dr is skillful, then it should not be a problem.


I had my transfer 7 days ago. I had an empty bladder. No ultrasound guide. At 5dpt I had a positive beta. Next beta is Thursday 9dpt. Best wishes & good luck to you.


The full bladder just aids in being able to see the uterus with ultrasound. I had a, uh, “nervous tummy” before my transfer this time and emptied my bladder just before. They had no problems just had to push harder with the ultrasound wand (more discomfort for me). I just got a :bfp: at 5dpt (and day 6!)…my beta is scheduled for next Monday.