Embryos Frozen on Day 3 - Should we grow them to blast?


Hi Everyone-

I need some advice. What would you do?

I have 10 frozen embryos and 6 frozen zygotes.

The doctor would like to thaw 4 and transfer 3, day 3 embryos.

I asked if we can grow them to blast and then transfer 3. She said, that is fine, but then we would have to thaw all 10 and see how many survive.

What would you do? Should I go ahead and just transfer 3 day 3 embryos, or risk losing 7 and thaw 10?

I really want this to work, but I’m so confused. I’m thinking of calling the lab and talking to them directly. I don’t know why they have to thaw all 10!

Any advice is much appreciated!



Talking to the lab directly is a great idea. They will probably do a better job of explaining to you the options. Personally, I would probably go ahead with a day 3 transfer, they can be very successful. GL to you!


I would also get a little bit more information and check out what others say on google. For me, I would rather transfer 3d than risk losing any. But for me it would depend on if it were OUP or if insurance covers the transfers.


Thanks for the feedback. I have a call into the lab.

I’m now thinking I’ll go with the day 3 and if it doesn’t work, then I will have enough left to try to grow to blast.

I do have an unlimited number of transfers covered through my insurance, so I’m pretty lucky with that. I’m going to pray on it to night!! :pray: :pray: :pray: