Embryos transferred


Can anyone give me more info on what this means? I had 3 embryos transferred yesterday… 1 expanding blast and 2 early blasts. They were all graded A. All info I can find on early blasts says they are blasts in the beginning stage that are too early to be graded but mine were. I’m curious to know if early blasts are a good thing or are my chances decreased with them. Anyone get a bfp from early blasts?


My RE called my blasts “early blasts” and did grade them. We also transferred 2 morulas – some REs refer to later stage morulas as early blasts, but mine differentiated between the blasts (which they graded) and the morulas (which they didn’t). I don’t know what I’m pregnant with, but something took.


My RE grades them. We transferred 2 early blasts, one fair, one good. I was upset and thought that it wouldn’t work because they were slow growers. Well, I’m pregnant and will have an ultrasound Thursday!


When you here the word Blast be excited that means its good they cells have continued to divide!!!


I transferred 2 early blasts unable to grade bc of this I’m 8.5 weeks with a confirmed strong HB last week :slight_smile:


Hi, I had my transfer yesterday and we also transferred 3 and one I believe was an expanding blastocyst and the other two where just blastocyst and I’m also very nervous of what the outcome will be its my 3rd attempt paying out of pocket and praying to god it works. So stay positive try not to look to much in to it I know easier said then done. I’ll be praying for you :pray: :bsv: :grouphug:


My Cycle “Blast” and my son is 16 months…so “Blast” means GOOD…good luck