Endo or hormonal issue?


We have been trying for 15 months with no bfps. I have had an hsg–all looked good. I have had progesterone testing–not super high levels but nothing alarming. Progesterone levels of 15 (doc likes to see 20 of more). During the pill I would sometimes spot a little on day 21 (I was on a lower hormone pill). About three months after stopping the pill, I started spotting about a week before my period (the three periods before that were all normal). Each month it seemed the spotting got worse and earlier. I was still regular in that the real flow would come right on time (even though I had bleeding/spotting prior). I have never had bad periods and these continued to be pretty normal. I have had a few migraines during the last year that have resulted in vomiting.
In July I was put on Clomid to see if it would help my luteal phase—still had the spotting. In August prometrium was added and that took care of the spotting—but still no bfps. We are going to do an iui in december.
Does any of this sound like endo? Or just a hormonal problem? The doc had mentioned a few months ago about maybe looking into endo but has not said anything since. Wanted to get some of your expert opinions!



Hi there,

I had the same issue…but it was severe Endo :-P. The only way they can really see…is a lap…The recovery is about 2 weeks and its well worth it? How are your FSH levels…thats something else you may want to inquire about. Good Luck!!


How is your FSH level tested? I am not sure if I have had that done yet!


Did you have any other symptoms?



Its tested between days 2-3 of your cycle…its a simple blood test…Lets you know if your ovaries are stimulating at a normal rate…For Endo…I had very painful, heavy menses…that was the only real indicator…didnt find out until I got a chocolate cyst…


Thank you for the information! I will check with the doctor about the FSH test. I have never had heavy, painful periods which is why the doctors aren’t leaning towards a lap at this time.