Endo sucks!!!


Hey ladies, I am still on the path of remaining positive about this whole TTC thing. But I am feeling really anxious about my endometriosis. I had mild endo and had surgery for it in April. Then I went on clomid and I had tons of side effects the first month… but I am really nervous about the s/e you cant see… which is actually endo.

I havent had a super painful period since the endo surgery and this last month was super painful (could be because of the clomid or the endo coming back!). So now I am so worried that we are going to waste all this money TTC using IUI and it wont work if I have endo.

I cant exactly have surgery between each and every IUI, and its the only way to know if the endo is back. The reason I am so worried is because all of a sudden :dance: is painful again. This just really sucks.

I guess my only option is to talk to the doc during this IUI and ask him to put me on injectibles next month. If we do 4 IUI’s and it doesnt work we will move onto IVF. But I know for sure they will want to make sure the endo is not back before doing the IVF because I just read it on an IVF website. :frowning:


I think its definitely a good idea to talk to your RE about going more aggressive with your meds. There’s no reason to stretch it out any longer than necessary.

I wish I had more/better advice to offer. I’m so sorry that you’re having such a rough time! Best of luck! :grouphug: