Endometrial Scratch/Scraping and Intrauterine HCG right before ET


Has anybody had any success with endometrial scraping or intrauterine HCG right before ET? I had a failed IVF cycle in July/August of this year and I am getting ready for my FET on Dec. 3. So far I have had my endometrial scraping (not fun) and my RE plans to do the intrauterine HCG during ET. The HCG is supposed to make the embryos sticky like peanut butter and act like ‘embryo glue’. I have not really been able to find much information about this.

What about the endometrial scraping? Has anybody on here done it and did it prove helpful?


Hi. Yes, I had both done. I did a freeze all cycle and during that ER, they did the biopsy. For my FET, we did the HCG. I had had a successful cycle and live birth before, but wanted to try everything possible to get my next baby. However, I don’t have any tubes, so when they squirted in the HCG, it just sat there instead of being absorbed, so she had to suction it back out. But, all in all, I am now 32w4d pregnant with a healthy girl. I think all of that did help with getting me pregnant. Good luck!


Geneen3 - Thank you so much for your reply! I too am tubeless! I am so excited for your pregnancy! I hope I will have the same results. That is interesting that they needed to suction back out the HCG. I am going to bring that up at my final ultrasound/blood draw appt on Tuesday. I’m hoping they will know to do that because I really just dont want anything to compromise my FET. So did you POAS during the intrauterine HCG cycle? Im assuming the HCG will yield false positives? If you did POAS when did you start? When did you start seeing a positive? Thanks again!!!


Hi SDgirl. My RE didn’t even think about the fact that the HCG had no where to go and she said if we ever do another transfer, the we wouldn’t do the HCG. You want the HCG to be absorbed instead of just pooling in the uterus. I’ve had a lot of problems with fluid in my uterus, which isn’t good for the embryos. I know that it’s such a small amount of HCG, that it doesn’t stay in your system as long as a trigger shot. I started POAS at 5dp5dt and that’s when I got my first BFP. If you ever have to do another ER, ask about using HGH, as I did during my last ER and it really helped with the quality of my eggs. However, looks like you have good luck with fertilization and do have some great blasts frozen. Good luck on your ET!!!