Endometriosis and adhinomyosis


I’m cycling for my ivf number 2 in august. I thought I would get some advice from the experienced girls in the board before I discuss with my RE.

RE said that I have some defects in my lining and need to do a hysteroscopy before going for ivf. I agreed. but the thing is he also mentioned that my right overy is stuck behing my uterus and it is not accessible . so i’m worried that I will be left with only one overy to produce eggs. the worst thing is i’m a poor responder (see my sigi).

have any one of you done a hysteroscopy to improve the lining. I also would like to know if there is any chance to repair my overy to make it accessible. can the twisted position change by a laproscopy. I forgot t ask this from my RE when he suggest a hysteroscopy. I will be meeting him next week , but need to get some prior knowledge…


I had a hysteroscopy done along with laproscopy. Must have improved my chances considering I got pregnant…but 2 years later. My endo came back though and it was all over other organs. It was a mess. My cervix is tilted and my uterus is far back so transfers were a MESS to put it lightly. They took hours what should take minutes. But again, I was successful. I don’t have any knowledge with a twisted ovary but I definitely inquire to see if it could be fixed under surgery.
Best wishes and stay positive!