So I had laproscopic surgery on Friday Nov 5 and they found level 3 endometriosis, a “chocolate cyst” and could not save my right fallopean tube. So, here i am alomost a week later…and i am still in pain. Checked in to the hospital on Sunday due to severe pain and had some blood work and CT scan which all showed normal. Protein and hemoglobin were a little low so they kept me overnight to check. Getting better slowly day by day but i am just wondering if anyone else has a similar situaltion and can share their story with me. How long should i stay out of work, when will the pain go away, when can i start trying to concieve… The doctor mentioned to my mother that we were going to have to take a medication for a few months to get rid of any endometriosis that he may have missed…has anyone else had to do this. Please give me your thoughts and feelings on all of this…i am very confused and everything is happening so fast! Oh yeah…and how long will i look like i am 6 months pregnant…:frowning:


Hi LPJ- I had a Laparoscopy in July and diagnosed grade3/4 endo. They found a lot of adhesions but no cysts. I was normal in about a week post the Lap. Maybe it takes a bit longer for u as they removed one tube but I would think u should be totally fine in 2 weeks. The injections your doctor was talking about is probably Lupron Depot (or similar). These are taken once a month for 3-4 months or once in 3 months (2 injections) for a 6 month period. These injections dry up the endo which could not be removed during surgery. How these injections work is by putting your body in menopause and stop the production of oestrogen which endo feeds on. You can see my thread “Lupron Depot Shots” for futher info. All the best to you and hope u are feeling better. You can TTC after the injections finish and ur period arrives.