Estrace? How long?


Hi All, question for you…I recently read online that you shouldn’t take estrace while pregnant. I am almost 6 weeks with my first ultrasound on Monday. My RE has me continuing the estrace and progesterone. Is this normal? I am nervous now that the estrace is bad. I know I should assume my RE knows best but what I just read scares me. Help! I will be sure to be asking about this on Monday! Thanks for any help until then!


You will only be on the pill until the placenta takes over. The Estrace (Estradiol - generic version) acts as a replacement for what your body would normally produce. However during fertility treatments (IVF, FET) your body is forced into a state of non-production to allow for medical manipulation so to speak. During treatments, you’re continuously monitored and that includes your E2 levels. Having them too low or too high can have adverse affects. You really should trust your RE and try to relax. “Dr. Google” can make one crazy during this process!! In the interim…congratulations on the pregnancy!! :wink: ~Bree~


I have to be on Estrace until week 12! Normally you would have estrogen in your body (produced from your ovaries) even during a fresh cycle. Frozen cycles are completely different in that your ovaries are shut down. Doesnt mean I like having to be on it though. :frowning: