Estradiol levels of 2600!


Hi guys,
I went for the appointment today and found that I have a follicle that is 17 mm, 16 mm and 15 mm. (And several others in 14s and under.)
I was pretty excited, until the docs office called and told me the estrogen level. It is 2600 and they want me to stop using any follistim and go back on friday to see if the estrogen levels go down. :frowning: So disappointed. Please say a word of prayer for me.
Has this happened to anyone?? Such high estradiol levels before trigger and what did you guys do?


In past cycles when I’ve had high E2 before trigger my RE has allowed me to trigger and then required me to freeze and have a FET once my body “reset”. Of course I was heartbroken but FET are so much easier on the body and it resulted in a perfect little bean! Good luck.:cross:


I’ve never had an E2 that high. I think that implies 8+ maturing follicles. My RE would cancel or maybe try to turn it into an IVF if we agreed.

I hope things work out for you. :grouphug:


beth, was yesterday your first day back for monitoring since 6/30? if so, and if this cycle doesn’t work out, please insist that they see you more frequently, especially when increasing doses.


Thank you, both! I would love to convert this into an IVF cycle, or FET but the labs at my MD’s office is closed for cleaning for the next 15 days. :frowning: My luck.
Becca, yes, I have 8 follicles today. The sad part is I asked the nurse if I could go in a day before the actual ultrasound/bloodwork because of my history of increased E2 levels towards the end of the cycle. But they said no. Today, while I was talking to the doctor, I kinda told him that I would like to have more frequent monitoring if I were to do injectables again. Yeah, I am also kinda scared now, because we did :dance: :dance: today before the appointment and dont wanna end up like the octomom.
Thanks for listening guys!


argh that is frustrating. i’m always grateful for my clinic, which is open 365 days of the year to accommodate all cycling. so i assume they’re canceling this cycle? how big were those follies today? let’s see what happens. maybe the BDing will result in 1 perfect baby. have you ovulated or are you close?


There were 7 mature follies on friday 21,20,19, 18X2, 17,16 and a lot of smaller ones as well. So yes, they cancelled the cycle. I did not take the trigger and OPK doesnt show any ovulation so far. :frowning: Hopefully, I will get a healthy bean from one of those eggs. :pray: :pray: :pray: