Estradol Level Drop


I went into today for my bw/sono and I had about 10 follies all very small. I am on day 6 of my meds and was taking 112.5 of the Gonal F and 1cc of menopur. Mt estridol level dropped from 83 to 51.8 today. I missed the call from my RE and just got the voicemail which upped my meds by half the dose. I was wondering if anyone have any experince with dropped estradol levels. Last month my first IVF was canceled because I only had one follie grow to 24 the rest stayed at 10-14. When I tried to call back the office was closed so I was trying to get some input before I hear from them tomorrow. :grr:


Wow, your dose and situation sound a lot like me! Yes, I’ve had my E2 numbers drop and unfortunately, it meant BFNs for me. But mine dropped later in my cycle…when the numbers were close to 200, and dropped to 115 or something like that. I think you are still early enough. Maybe one follie dropped out?

Personally, I had not much growth at 112.5 and 75. When they raised the Gonal to 150, I went crazy. It took a few days, but that was my magic dose. That was the problem, actually…they would cut my meds back and then the E2 would drop. That’s why we are doing IVF now.

I hope your E2 levels start to raise. I was also told that there is some variability in the numbers, so there’s not a huge different between a 50 and an 80. My clinic doesn’t pay much attention until the number is over 100. Hope you get there soon!!