Estrogen and Follicles and an Introduction from a newbie!


Hey all, new to the boards and looking for support and advice.

Does anyone know or has anyone been able to find information on how much your E2 (estrogen) is supposed to rise with each growing follicle?

I have been a poor responder, and poor is putting it mildly. I have maybe 3 good follicles at the moment and am slated to do my RE in November “if” I make it without cancellation.

I am currently sitting at an E2 of 140 (which from what I’m reading is horribly low) and a have only about 3 follies cooperating and growing with the biggest being a 10.5. I go in tomorrow to find out if we cancel or move forward.

So my question is, what should my E2 be? How much estrogen are they supposed to produce per follicle? Anyone know?

My response totally sucks for someone in their 30s but my doctor’s office rocks and has said that they will not cancel me unless they absolutely have to because it’s good data for next time. How hopeful was I thinking there would be no next time! LOL

At any rate, I hope that you will welcome me into the fold, I have been reading here and you seem to be a great group of people and I am blessed to have found you! I am a oct/nov first cycling IVFer.


[B]MLTH: [/B]Welcome to the boards! You are not alone - I just completed 2 cycles at age 29 and am officially a poor responder as well. Like you, I was hoping IVF was our immediate solution since our primary infertility factor was low sperm. You can read my signature to see my details but please know, you are not alone. Sadly, I am now moving on to donor eggs because my right ovary is simply not responding the way it should given my age and normal hormone levels.

Oh, to answer your question, E2 should be about 200 for every mature follicle. So, if you are at 2,000 when they trigger you for ER, that would correlate with about 10 mature follies. I was at about 400 my last time which makes sense because I had 4 eggs but only 2 mature.

Good luck to you - I am rooting for you!!


I’m in the same boat…

I started stims Bravell (150) and Repronex (75) on Wed. Oct 27th…My E2 level to start was 23. After three days of stims, I went in on Sat. Oct 30th, they saw 7 follicles but my E2 was only 24.3:grr: . They upped my dosage to Bravelle (300) and Repronex (150). I go back tomorrow morning…I’m worried that this cycle will be cancelled and I’ll be given the donor egg speech.