Estrogen levels early pregnancy IVF


So…my E2 level seems to be low at 51. My HCG/ beta continues to double in less than the 48 hour period. It started at 88.6, then 208 and then 522. My P2 is fine as well at 27.4. I cannot find any data on what my E2 level should be but my RE is not super concerned at this point. Any input very much appreciated as I stress over this. Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks pregnant. I go for ultrasound Monday. Help!!! I’ve read where some RE’s only look at HCG but mine looks at E2 and P2 as well.


Ive never been told mine. I think the progesterone is much more important. My current clinic supplements estrogen up to 10 weeks, but they don’t monitor it.


Thank you for your response!