Estrogn Priming Protocol


Can someone tell me about this protocol? For example, what meds are involved and why it is used? Has anyone had success with EPP? Thanks!


[SIZE=“2”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]I just finished the estrogen priming protocol(EPP). The drugs i was on were Vivelle patches, Cetrotide, Menopur, Bravelle n Medrol(as of yesterday n take for 5 days), baby aspirin n prenatal vitamins…just started my PIO n Estradiol tonight. I have done 2 ivfs already using the Lupron n bcp protocol. For whatever reason my eggs DO NOT like when i take bcp’s n Lupron. The EPP protocol made all the difference in the world for me…just check out my siggy. Haven’t done my transfer yet, sched’d for Tues. morning.:smiley: The EPP was a pc of cake too, i thought. Went by super fast cuz i wasn’t taking bcp’s n Lupron for wks prior to starting stims. Now i’ve seen plenty of women do GREAT w/ the Lupron protocol but it did not treat me(my follies) well at all.:frowning: It really is all a crap shoot n just a matter of finding which protocol your follies respond the best to. Good luck!!!:flower:
P.S. I also did acupuncture once a wk. w/ this cycle. Dunno if that helped or not but i def. got better results this time![/FONT][/SIZE]