ET- 2WW-advice


Hi All,

I just had my ET today. It went well, transferred 2 day 5 expanding blasts (both AA). My Dr said i should feel good, and because of my age (30) he is pretty positive for the cycle(and mentioned the possibility of twins). I just wanted to know, have any of you done anything in the 2WW that you think helped with implantation? I want at least one of these little guys to stick!

Any advice is appreciated!

thanks :slight_smile:


My clinic has me on bedrest for 3 days after ET. Iwas allowed to be on the couch, go to the kitchen/fridge, and bathroom/shower…I dont know if it helped but it worked. 1 of my “perfect” blasts too and shes in her daddys arms right next to me.


thanks! I can’t do bedrest(i have to go to work tomorrow), but had the day of ET off, and def plan to take it easy. Did you eat anything special?


I drank alot of gatorade, only because of OHSS. But other than that, nope




The day before and after transfer of two 3 day fertilized embryos I saw my acupuncturist. Then saw him the week after and every 2 to 4 weeks thereafter. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. :cheer:

:pray: for you and sending :bsv: that you have a successful :bfp: from transfer.


My first IVF, someone told me to keep my feet warm, so I wore socks to bed. It was successful - I don’t know that the feet had anything to do with it, but I’m wearing socks to bed again! :slight_smile:


2ww when should I POAS?

Hi All-
This is my first ever post. I have stalked the boards for two years now.

I just had my 3dt on February 4th (two 8 cell embryos). I am finding this 2ww intolerable. Just wondering when or if everyone is testing?

I don’t see the harm in testing, but my DH feels very different. I feel like I’d rather a slow let down than just one crushing event. Any thoughts?



I POAS for the first time at 3dp3dt to test out my trigger. Then I started POAS to test at 7dp3dt…I had no expectation of it showing up, just wanted to see for my own morbid curiousity and to my surprize it was :bfp: !


Yes eat the core ONLY of a pineapple. Cut it into 5 sections. Only eat a piece at a time for 5 days. Stay away from ice in any form. Drink organic grape juice in the morning. Stay away from dairy. Keep your feet warm. NO BATHS. Stay away from watermelon too.:pray: :cross: :bfp: :bsv: