ET and OHSS... What to do?


This is my first time posting here, and I was hoping to get some insight on what I’m experiencing during my first IVF cycle…

I had 17 eggs retrieved Thurs, 9 embryos fertilized. My day 3 ET got pushed to day 5 (today) since my embyros looked so good (I have 8 blastocysts now, will be implanting 1). I’ve been pumping well over 100 oz of water and Gatorade.

My RE says I am overstimulated, as my ovaries are still big, however I’m stabilizing and have been cleared for ET. I feel like my symptoms have not been entirely that of OHSS, from what I read as normal after ER. My bloating has gone down, and really the worst I feel is constipation and a sore behind from progesterone shots! HOWEVER, last night was very uncomfortable for me. Between muscle pain from the shots and discomfort in my ovaries… I felt a short sharp pain in my ovaries as I tossed and turned in bed- as if I was twisting the wrong way. This morning, I was back to normal. Still needing to take it easy, but all in all feeling good.

I really believe my constipation is the culprit for last night, not OHSS (it’s now been 5 days and counting!). I’m feeling conflicted about today’s ET- I don’t want to make a stupid decision and make myself feel worse if prego, but also (as we all are) would be devastated to cancel today.

Sorry this is lengthy, but any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m very last minute posting this before I need to make a decision! :confused:


Dear Andi611,

Sorry for not being able to give you any advice, but just don’t understand why any healthcare professionals over there can explain exactly what happened?
I hope you can get the helpful answer someday…

Take care,



I did my transfer 5 days after with OHSS and i got a NEG and now doing a FET in Dec , and cause of the OHSS im now on Cd 8 of my next cycle i have NO MEDS and i have 11 follies on one side and 7 on the other, idk whats going on, My ob did a u/s today cause ive been in a lot of pain, and i cant believe i have that many follies and i did IVF in Nov, Transfer was Nov 3, Retrieval Oct 29th, If i were u i would wait, just my opinion Good luck