Ethical question about donating embryos


I currently have 6 frozen embryos after a successful IVF. They are frozen in 2 containers causing us to have 2 storage fees. We can only afford to store one. We are therefore trying to decide what to do with the second container. One container was frozen on day 5 and one on day 6. Statistically speaking day 6 frozen embryos are more likely to result in miscarriage. Having had 2 miscarriage and a chemical I am inclined to keep the day 5’s. I’d like to donate the day 6 embryos but I feel like its ethically wrong to donate embryos that are more likely to not end with a baby to those who will be paying for the embryos and are desperately trying to have a baby ( just like i was last year). How would you feel if you knew that you got someones worst of the best while they kept the best for themselves? is it worth it just for the chance or would you be upset at the selfishness of the donor?


My Day 5 embryo resulted in a chemical but I’m now almost 14 weeks pregnant with my day 6 embryo- ya never know! The person getting the embryos most likely will know they are day 6 and they are not forced to take them if they don’t want them. I have had many friends get pregnant from day 6 embryos. In fact, all 4 of my day 6 embryos looked better than my day 5 embryo.


Same here. Day 5 (fresh IVF) ended up in a m/c while 6-day FET resulted in 2 beautiful babies. I think it’s a great thing you’re doing by giving a chance to have a baby to another couple. So leave what you want for yourself and donate the rest


I can tell you without a doubt that What you are offering is such a very beautiful gift. My husband and I were blessed with two perfect miracles, our daughter is a result of our 8th fertility cycle and our son is the result of our second FET using donor embryos. We are so in love and overjoyed. We are looking to complete our family through embryo donation now. I can promise you, we, and so many in our situation, would be ecstatic to receive 6 day embryos. So please, gift them. You will create such a beautiful world for some family who dreams of adding lil’ people to their life.


If embryos were frozen in a proper way, they should not became of much worse quality after thawing. Modern technologies of freezing have made really great progress. So I wouldn’t be so sure that pregnancy after FET will result into miscurriage.