EWCM and conception


I have been TTC for about 3 months now and like most women am very anxious during the two week wait. I had EWCM on CDs 19-21. Had vaginal intercourse CD 19,20 and 22. My normal cycle is generally 35 days so yesterday on CD 35 I excitidly took my HPT and got a BFN. Today still no AF or symptoms of… My question is if conception happens, how long after EWCM is it generally? There is part of me hoping the things I feel are pregnancy symptoms and not just off PMS, but then part of me thinking it’s all in my head because I am hoping I’m pregnant… If conception (ovulation even) didn’t happen until 2-3 days after EWCM then it’s reasonable to think I still have a day or two before I should even test, but if its all in the same time period then I think the BFN is probably correct. Also if during a previous pregnany a person had a BFY at about 3w5d is it likely that the same person would have early “yes’s” in later pregnancies? Thank you for any answers ladies!


AF came (and went). Showed up CD 39. Month 4 of trying. Hoping for a little blessing this month.