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[QUOTE=“Am_elia, post: 1870019, member: 87506”]Mannamay, thanks for your reply. sorry if I sounded too nosy. Sure, it’s your life and you know better. Some of us want a bunch of children, some prefer to stay childless ever. You sound very happy and satisfied with your life and mothering now. Oh, 3 and half is a gorgeous age! Many questions, yeah? This is the time of “I want to know everything, mom”
I know because I’ve had a lot of children in my life, not mine genetically, but still they were in my life, and still are. Some of them are about to have their own children now. But this is another story[/QUOTE]
Oh that’s okay! I see your point and I can’t but agree with you. Everybody has own life for own decisions and no matter if they are right or wrong because they are yours. I am happy because my Lily gives me only joy and satisfaction. yes yes, her questions, you never know what she will ask next…sometimes she is so independent like an adult haha.
I’m so happy to see this update! It’s wonderful, 2 boys…Wishing your SM healthy and uneventful pregnancy! x


ok, we couldn’t keep it in secret and it seems that now all our family, and friends, know that we’re expecting two boys. we all are happy, but we would be happy for any combination, actually. our way to this desired pregnancy was so bendy and painful that we really had no right to say: we want a girl, or we want a boy. In any case, that’s not right. IMO. A boy or a girl, they are all ours, our children. We were blessed with two boys, and sure we are very very happy.

Btw, we’re already starting to choose names. Any ideas? :rolleyes:


“Will you decorate a nursery in a special manner, just for boys?” a very good question, Agnete. Now this is a point of discussion in our family. Yes, we have a room that will be our kids’ nursery, but I’m not sure there’s any sense in decorating it in just for boys style. My dh wants it in navy color. I want it to be in pastel tones. We’ll see. We still have enough time to figure everything out. There’s a question that bothers me more now – baby carriage! Baby carriages for twins are a bit weird, truly speaking. We’ll have to find the most adequate variant.


Yes, you still have some time but you know, time flies. we still haven’t thought of a separate nursery for our baby. I think at first he/she will be sleeping with us. I’m in favour of co-sleeping, btw. our elder child moved to his separate room only when he was 3. but I know that many parents learn their babies to sleep separately from the very first days of life, and these babies really learn to. But you will see, your babies will show you with their behaviour. Much depends on the characters, you know.
as to the color, pastel is nice, I think. so try to be convincing :wink:


you know, much depends on baby’s character I guess. My counsin has two children and her elder used to sleep separately from his first days, but when her younger son was born, he couldn’t sleep separately. he was yelling all night long, no matter how hard they tried to get him to bed. they had to practice co-sleeping but they weren’t too much in favour of it.
Did they tell you baby’s gender? or it’s still to early to say?


maybe you’re right - children like grownups are all different, with different characters, likes, dislikes, etc. my son was also very bond to mommy as an infant, but as he grew, he started to become more independent
thank you for caring about our surrogacy progress. it’s 16 weeks already and we got clinics report on Wednesday. with a slight delay, but still. this time we couldn’t travel to Kiev to be present at all scans, unfortunately, but our manager did her best to inform us on our surrogate’s and baby’s health. they are feeling well and tests results prove the same. She sent ultrasound photos and videos. Our pea is growing :slight_smile: They couldn’t tell about baby’s gender yet. I was ready for this becuase it’s too early, but still we are all very impatient to know.
The last time we traveled, surro told she feels it’s a boy. we’ll see :rolleyes:


oh, I know how it feels. i also felt very upset when we failed to travel and be present at the scan. but it’s great they keep you updated. there’s nothing strange that they couldn’t decipher baby’s gender this time. It’s too early, the baby is yet too small. In our case, it was only the 20th week when they could say for sure. But still I know that even if they tell you “for sure”, surprise may happen.

We’re in our 24 week now. I’m sure the bump is already showing very distinctly, there’re two belly residents there.

Oh, our surrogate didn’t give any prognosis as to babies’ gender, we found out at US.

Well, soon you’ll check if she was right or not. Not too much time to wait


They are active and growing toddlers now. newborn times are slowly but steadily left behind. sure, it’s double responsibility and double everything. a few first month were very exhausting. I was sleepy all the time as most nights I slept around 4-5 hours. But later many things changed. They learnt to sleep all night long, I got used to feeding and then with solid foods it became even more interesting. Now they are eating almost everything, sleeping in the same time, can walk and run on their own, can play on their own, so I feel it now that the most tiring times are left behind
don’t worry. you’ll cope. you’re not the first and not the last mom of twins :slight_smile:


oh sure, I’m not the first mom of twins, but got me it all the first time - the first time mom and the first time mom of two kids at once. I’m spending days at nights reading books on newborn care and coping with twins. I know that my husband will help me the first month but no longer. then I will have to cope on my own.

In any case, I’m sure that having these babies will be the most magical blessing of my whole life


Hi dear! That’s really great news! My congratulations with twins! I understand your feelings. We’ve also used donor eggs. When I’ve got to know we’ll have twins I was very happy. But at the same time I was warring. As you’ve said, the first time mom and the first time mom of two kids at once. This thought hit me and I was so nervous “What if I can’t cope with 2 kids? What if I can’t be the best mother for them?” Now I see I was wrong. Those were just emotions, which suddenly invaded me. I won’t say it’s easy to bring up two kids, but my husband supports me and helps a lot.


so many moms/expecting moms of twins here! this is great. having two children at once may be quite challenging, but there’re so many advantages as well. and not only for parents, but for kids as well. Just imagine you have a forever friend who was with you from the very first second of your existence? This is really cool. They grow together, learn each other’s characters, worries, likes and dislikes. They will be always there to support each other. With siblings it’s not so much the same, especially when age gap is big. I think twins understand each other two times better


Agnete, I think that raising a child is challenging by itself. You cannot just expect it to be easy. As coming from me a mom already expecting my second baby from a surrogate I know what I ma talking about :slight_smile:
although I must agree with you that raising two kids at the same time might be a nightmare I am blessed that I have my beautiful baby who is very autonomous I may say and likes being alone rather than constantly with us.
and I think so too that there are a lot of benefits to having 2 or more kids


I have heard of this article when a married couple found out about that they are twins after they have decided to ttc with ivf. they had their blood test and it showed very unflattering and sad results. I can’t imagine how they feel.

twins are very challenging not only in terms of time etc but also some cannot really afford raising two kids simultaneously.


Some dream of having twin babies and decide it’s a must-have for their family… That’s crazy as for me… Sometimes your dream remains only a dream and life gets changes into it. I think that’s the least painful change you can get from your life concerning the sphere of reproduction… I mean getting one baby while dreaming of having twins… no one can have control over this part of the issue… and that’s not the worst thing that can happen to you… besides, that’s always about the health problems if there are two embies inside they may not develop properly…being in different condition each. That’s why I agree that is a challenging situation for both mother and babies to be born as twins… two-sided issue anyway … and the number of cons is not low there… very disputable question I think … it doesn’t matter much whom you have … twins or siblings… it’s much more important to have them at all … and have them healthy


[QUOTE=“Agnete, post: 1870459, member: 87055”]I have heard of this article when a married couple found out about that they are twins after they have decided to ttc with ivf. they had their blood test and it showed very unflattering and sad results. I can’t imagine how they feel.

twins are very challenging not only in terms of time etc but also some cannot really afford raising two kids simultaneously.[/QUOTE]
I do not think that this is true though
I think that this is an example of a dead journalism here. well, not guilty until proven otherwise lol
yes, you are right, in our world it is very hard to raise one baby and even harder if that baby was conceived through ivf or even delivered by a SM. well, we should always have in our minds that we’re not defined by the amount of money we have in our pockets but by o we are as human beings.


I agree with you although in my opinion twins are perfectly fine to gestate and even though the chances of premature delivery tend to get higher in twin pregnancies there are pretty much no risks for the babies health even if there is a fact of premature birth.
when we’re talking about difficult pregnancy and the inability of kids to get as much nutrition and vitamins as they have to when they’re i the belly, I think that we should all agree that there are no chances of kids to be properly developed if we’re talking about triplets. I mean in ivf