Excited! Transfer date 04/05/13


I am so excited…went to my RE appt this morning and my linning is PERFECTO!! I will be doing my transfer on the 05 of April and I’m so close.

I plan on transfering 2 embies…I feel good and think I will get my BFP , I’m just taking it one day at a time. This will be a FET cycle being that my fresh transfer cycle got cancelled due to OHSS…

I am a bit nervous and scared but…all I cam do is have hope and positive thoughts!!


That is good news. Good luck next week.


Thanks Nilah I am very excited a bit nervous but hoping and praying for the best outcome


:clap: Best wishes; please keep us updated!


Thanks webelievenmiracles

I need it and I will keep everyone posted thanks doe tour support I will be sure to do the same for you!!


Just pray!Do not underestimate the power of supplication.
Good luck!