Hi everyone, this has nothing to do with children, I just had to share the news somehwere. Some may remeber this others not, but my Dh lost his job when I was just 4 months pregnant…our son is now 9 months old! Long time to be out of work…well he starts a new job Monday! I am still in disbelief (as the pay is great, awesome benefits, hours, days etc.) as it seems too good to be true. I am soooo happy yet waiting for the bomb to drop. Again just had to share with everyone!


Congratulations! Such great news. I hope all goes well!


That’s so great for you guys - yay! And the picture of your little one on your avatar is so cute…


Great news Bits!!! I remember you from the January 2010 due date group. :clap:


Congrats!! Thats wonderful news!



Totally get your fears. My DH lost his well paying job back in March. He has gone on interviews since then, they even call him back for a second interview and then nothing. I get my hopes up and then it is gone again. The competition down in Miami is extreme. It is more who you know than what you are.

I am glad to see that things are working out for you as it gives me hope as well.

Good luck :clap:


I’m so happy for you. My DH lost his job unexpectedly on Friday. It has been emotionally tough and it has only been 7 days! I can only imagine what it would be like for this to last months and months. It’s good to hear that someone has found a job! Best of luck! :clap: