Exercise After IUI


I was wondering if anyone else has this similar question and how do you handle it?

I exercise normally 3-4 days a week. I know my RE says it’s OK to exercise, but I am just afraid to mess things up. I exercised with my 1st IUI and :bfn: , my 2nd IUI I decided not to exercise because I thought maybe it would help:bfn: . Now with my 3rd IUI I am not really sure what to do. I love to exercise, but I am just so unsure.

What are your thoughts?


I’m in the same boat. First IUI I was afraid to exercise, so I didn’t. Was pregnant but then miscarried. Now I’m in the 2ww after my 2nd IUI, I’ve gone to the gym a couple times and just walked on treadmill, light elliptical, light weights. No Running. My RE said don’t do anything that I might look back later on and think I shouldn’t have done. I figure if I keep to the light exercise, it will be fine. Plus it gives me a good energy release :slight_smile: GOOD LUCK :babydust::babydust:


I gave up exercise at first because in my mind I was afraid of doing anything to hurt a possible early pregnancy. Then I started to actually gain weight from the fertility treatments and my RE told me to get back to exercising since the extra weight would only make it more difficult.

So after my IUI’s and a few days after my IVF transfer I did do either an hour or so walk with my dogs, or cycling. (DH and I have road bikes, and averaged 15-20miles in the 2ww) I did do more walking after the IVF but it was because I felt so swollen and uncomfortable.

When I finally got pregnant my doctors wanted me to keep up whatever exercise routine I had going so I continued to bike (modified so that my heart rate never went over 140) until about 10.5weeks along when morning sickness kept me from wanting to do anything. My doctors stressed to me that as long as my body was used to it, it was a good thing to keep up not bad. Now all I do is walk, but I do not regret ever working out. It gave me an outlet for the stress and I always loved it. If you like working out I’d say do it too, just don’t try to over work yourself during your 2ww’s.

Best of luck!! :babydust:


Thanks ladies for your responses. It is nice to know there are other people out there that have the same thoughts. Lot of luck :babydust:


I guess it’s ok to exercise as long as it’s not too strenuous? Not sure, but that’s how I always see it.