Expecting your 3rd or 4th child


Hello I wanted to start a thread for us ladies who are expecting our 3rd or 4th (or more) child. I am expecting my 4th child, but 3rd pregnancy. I have an adopted DD and two biological DD’s and this is my 4th and last pregnancy. I have had 4 miscarriages in the past (so pregnant a total of 7 times).

It seems that most of the ladies on here are expecting their first and second child which is great, but sometimes I do feel guilty for getting to experience this for a third time and hope that I am not alone.

We have trouble getting pregnant (one good ovary right side and endo in my right tube) plus I don’t ovulate typically. Then once pregnant I have a host of issues see my signature. Would love to share my journey with other moms. Let me know if you are out there.


Perseverance - Hello! You are not alone. I am pregnant with child #3. I feel I am fortunate that I have not had miscarriages and all of you ladies who have experienced one, two or more have to be very strong to press forward after a loss like that. Basically, I have PCOS and I do not ovulate regularly. In fact, ovulation is an extremely rare occurrence and we have just gotten extremely lucky (ovulated on day 35 for this pregnancy). I have been blessed with three natural pregnancies (which includes this one) even when infertility treatments we did not find success. Now I pray for one more healthy baby to complete our family. Good luck in your journey as well Perseverance!


Land shark Hello! I may have PCOS, but the only symptom I have is the polycystic ovaries and I tend to ovulate any where from day 20 to day 40. All my natural pregnancies have resulted in miscarriages. TO top it off I found I have alot of other factors that are going against me. Including endo and blood factor issues. My left ovary doesn’t respond to meds at all and my doc thinks it may “not work”. We feel so blessed to be able to get pregnant again and we are praying that this little baby is a fighter and he/she can be delivered safely. This will be my last pregnancy. If we want another child depending on where life takes us we will adopt again.

It is great that you have all your children naturally. I always had a theory that I miscarried due to my lining being too old since I ovulated so late, but I guess that probably wasn’t the case. It is funny how things work out, you would have thought the medication would have worked! You are not that far behind me. I am due on July 2nd, but I will be delivering in June, my last was premature and as soon as baby is able and ready my doc will take him or her. Are you due in August?

I hope there are others out there that would like to lend support!


Sound like the odds were stacked against you and your name “perseverance” really fits!!! I am curious how they figured out you had endo? They said I didn’t but I never had a lap done and know lots of women that never knew they had it until the lap was done. I am so happy that you had success with the infertility treatment and that the doctors knew how to help you through your issues and have successful pregnancies. I have crazy ovulation too and ovulated on day 28 with my first DD, day 19 with my second DD. Since normally have a 42-48 day cycle (but can go as long as 75 days) I just thought I couldn’t ovulate that late. Wow, was I wrong!

Your theory on the lining seems plausible. I know my first round of infertility treatments was canceled due to my lining being crazy thick when I had just had a period. I thought that maybe any fertilized eggs didn’t attached because I never shed my lining fully. However, the last two pregnancies it seemed like I had a little heavier period prior to getting pregnant and maybe my lining shed more that month to help things out… kind of like the stars aligned those months… I actually ovulated, my lining wasn’t too thick and my DH and I accidentally got the timing right! Well, whatever it was we are truly blessed!!! We are hoping for a boy since we have two girls and this will be our last but I would be thrilled with a third girl too! Really one healthy baby is all we need! I wanted to be done having children by 35, which I will turn in March… timing couldn’t have been better!

I am due on August 9th but my last two pregnancies I was induced 6 days early. I am hoping for another inducement… just takes the guess work out of it and I know what to expect!


I started out as unexplained infertility. They knew that I had the ovulation issues and the polycistic ovaries. We adopted first after a year of trying and multiple miscarriages. Then I got pregnant (on clomid) and really had an uneventful pregnancy (besides having hyperemesis untill week 19). I then got pregnant again (clomid) and this pregnancy started out bad. At 13 weeks I had a placental lake and by 22 weeks preterm labor. When I hit 28 weeks they noticed my fluid was low and at 35 weeks my fluid was gone. It was a mirical that my DD survived. I went in for a biophysical profile on a Monday and fluid was low. When I went back on Thursday it was all gone so I was induced then and my DD was early, but for the most part pretty healthy. After that pregnancy I had the blood work done which showed the blood clotting factors.

A little over a year ago, I started having pain in my right side. I think I went to ER four times and each time they just found some small cysts. My doc at the time was convinced that I had endo, but honestly I didn’t think that I did I mean how many problems can one person have. Well he suggested the lab and I wanted to know what was wrong with me as I felt my reproductive organs were getting distroyed. So I had it, woke up from surgery and found out that it was stage II endo! Most was removed, but not from my tube as they can’t remove it :(. That is why DH and I started to try again as the endo will eventually destroy my tube. We actually got pregnant the month of my surgery, but I miscarried.

We are very happy to be pregnant and :pray: that things go well. This will be our last bio child as the stress of getting pregnant and carrying to term is sometimes overwhelming. I had an ultrasound done last week for the NT scan and the tech guessed that it was a boy. Which is pretty exciting as we have three girls, but honestly if the tech said girl I would be just as happy. All we want is happy healthy normal baby.

I plan to be induced also. I was induced for both of my last pregnancies and I want the baby out as soon as possible once he/she can come out. With my first my doc induced at 39 weeks so :cross: that we don’t repeat my last pregnancy and I can be induced again with no problems. We have since moved so I have a new doc. I will bring it up once I get closer.

What type of treatments did you try that didn’t work? Do you have any symptoms of endo? Pain and infertility are the main symptoms and I had both!

Wow your pregnancy came at a good time since you wanted to be done at 35! Are you getting any of the screenings done? I just turned 30 and I got the NT scan, mainly because you get the results right away. I skipped the blood test, because I did not need the range they give ( a 1 in 100 chance etc.) That would just make me worry if it came back high and I trust that the NT scan would have picked it up.


Perseverance, my goodness you have had some real losses and scary moments during your pregnancies! I hope this goes very smoothly and there is not any additional hiccups during your pregnancy. I am fascinated that you got pregnant on clomid! That is great! I tried three rounds of clomid and my ovaries didn’t respond AT ALL! Not a single egg matured! I think it is awesome that you got to adopt. I really believe that things happen for a reason and just think if you would have gotten pregnant right away you might not have gone the adoption route… how cool. See, as many ultrasounds you had they never picked up the endo until the lap was done. You are right the pain is a real sign of endo and I am not in pain during my periods… if fact my periods are usually extremely light but they go on and on and on. I have other friends that had endo and they had very good luck right after they got it cleaned out because the darn endo grows back so quickly… kind of sounds like you picked the perfect time to try again. Are they concerned about your fluid this time around as well? I think you are putting it very lightly when you said that carrying to term can be “slightly overwhelming”. You are a very strong person!

Maybe I should back up to give you the whole story… my first pregnancy was a “surprise”. My former Dr. told me I wasn’t ovulating because I would go so long without a period (back then 75 day cycle was common) and my DH and I just didn’t think it could happen and we didn’t play it safe for a month and our beautiful DD #1 happened. Even though we weren’t “trying” we were thrilled and ready to be parents. I was induced 6 days early with extremely high blood pressure and lost 40 lbs of water weight from the time I gave birth to the time I got home… I was crazy swollen. Now, DD #2 was 3 1/2 years of trying to conceive and a lot of frustration. After the 3 rounds of clomid I mentioned above, we tried one simulation drugs but BD’d on our own and then another round of simulation drugs with IUI… we then were going for another IUI but cycle was canceled due to cyst and when we started to proceed the next month my DH lost his job (wonderful economy!) and canceled it because we didn’t know what the future would hold. Well, DH quickly found a job and we decided to wait, I got healthy (physically and mentally), started seeing a chiropractor, started metiformin (again… can’t stand that drug!) and made an appointment with a new infertility specialist. Met the Dr. on a Friday and he told me that we would schedule a lap for the next month and begin with another IUI (with different meds). At this point I was 45 days into my cycle and he wanted me to have a period, so he prescribed some provera (I think) and told me to go pee on a stick before I took it. I told him straight to his face “I am not pregnant”… oh, but I was and the next day when I peed on that stick it was one of the best days of my life. I finally got to tell our DD#1 that she was going to be a BIG sister, which she tore my heart out every time she would ask for a little sister (she didn’t want a brother :woohoo: ) and wasn’t sure if it was ever going to happen. I mean, come on, if I couldn’t get pregnant when the drugs made ovulate and I knew we got our “timing” right then how in the world was I going to get pregnant on my own when I don’t ovulate, right? Well, our miracle #2 happen and she was delivered early because my blood pressure started to increase and the meds I am on for my heart issue (another long story). DH and I decided after DD #2 that if we were meant to have another baby then it would happen on its own and we didn’t want to do infertility treatments again. Then 16 months later this wonderful pregnancy happened!!! :clap:

As far as the NT… yes, I will get one on the 20th of January and I will go ahead with the blood test because I am a “need to know” type of personality. Saw in your signature that you had a scare of your NT… glad everything worked out… geeezzz another scary moment for you!


Hello Landshark. That is crazy that you ovulate so late, but still get pregnant. And that you didn’t respond to clomid. My left ovary never responds to clomid, just my right. I guess I assume that it doesn’t work because it just is always covered with small cysts. I never have had to do IUI or any other type of meds so I do consider myself lucky.

What a neat story about your second DD. I always think it is funny when the doc tells you to pee on the stick just in case. And I usually want to say in case of what I know that I am not pregnant, but I guess surprises are always there and that is why they do it :slight_smile:

Our adoption was wonderful. After our third miscarriage I knew that adoption was going to be the way to become parents. I should mention that DH and I always planned to adopt and had talked in length about it before even trying to conceive so really it was an easy jump to take. I tried two rounds of clomid unsuccessfully and then the day that we were chosen I got :af: but we didn’t care. We so happy! The next month we didn’t use any meds (so I guess this may be considered natural) but according to my RE the clomid stayed in my system and I got pregnant, I find this hard to believe too because we didn’t try to time anything I don’t really remember :dance: we were busy. We didn’t find out untill after we brought our DD home. I honestly think it was meant to be and without our adoption we would not have our second DD. I think I was just so happy and relaxed that my body worked for me.

I agree with you about the metformin. I was on it for over a year and I was on 2000 miligrams. I took 1000 at night before going to bed because it made me sick in the day. Well when I found out I was pregnant I started to take all 2000 thinking it would be good for the baby, but when I talked to my RE around 6 weeks she took me off of it completely so I was happy about that. I guess the research used to say that prevented miscarriages, but the new research says it doesn’t have an affect.

Do you have all the symptoms of PCOS? From what I read online they are horrible. I was really surprised when the doctor said that I have a form of it. I never fit the picture perfectly. With my Endo I didn’t have the pain with my periods. My periods were actually rather light. The pain was really between periods and it would come and go. I only felt it on my right side. It was really just an annoying achy feeling. It was so confusing because I knew that I felt it, but they could never find anything. I started to panic because I knew something was wrong, but they kept telling me I probably had a cyst that burst, but my pain was days at a time. It didn’t make since. I am glad that I had the lap, and endo does come back so I am expecting to start to feel the pain. That is actually how I figured out something was wrong with my last pregnancy (the one I miscarried) the pain came back. I went in to the ER when I was 10 weeks exactly and the baby measured 9 weeks 6 days so it was close.

Why did your doc want to do a lap?

My NT scan was great. I had a SCH (blood clot in the uterus) that they saw at 8 weeks, but they said that it had resolved. The NT scan was easy and you get the results right away. I am seeing a high risk doc in a different town once during my first trimester, 2nd and 3rd. When I had the visit last week he said that I would have monthly ultrasounds starting after my level II. They will check the fluid then and if anything is wrong they will be more frequent. I am hoping the injections of lovenox I am taking daily will help that.

Hmm I guess we are the only ones in this thread I thought there would be more ladies on here?


Perseverance - How are you doing? I am surprised like you are that there are not more ladies popping in on this thread.

There is definitely something to be said for being in a relaxed state that some how transfers over to fertility/pregnancy. When I got pregnant with DD #2 I totally wasn’t even thinking about getting pregnant when we did because I was so relieved we were going to go see our new RE and have a new plan to conceive a baby!!! And with this pregnancy I honestly was leaving it to whatever God had in his plans. Glad His plans included another baby!!! :clap:

I was on 2000 mg of metiformin too, which I had to take at night but there were times I would wake up from a dead sleep knowing I was going to begin the worst stomach cramps of my life… I had a cyst burst before and the stomach cramps came very close to the cyst pain!

Yes, I do have some PCOS symptoms but not all of them. I don’t have heavy periods either… if it wasn’t for the fertility issue it was nice not having a period often and I also have light periods! But some of the other side effects are unpleasant and/or frustrating.

[LEFT]So when do you find out “for sure” if you are on the blue team or pink team? Also, I am not familiar with the drug lovenox… what is that for?[/LEFT]


Hmm. I hope others join this thread, we may have to keep it alive :slight_smile:

Lovenox is for blood clotting factors. After the birth of my 2nd DD I was tested again for blood clotting stuff (I was tested when I first got my work up done for infertility, but it came back normal??) I had an elevated ANA panal, which is common with lupus, but I don’t seem to have than and I was hetero for MTHFR. I was sent to a geneticist and he said that the MTHFR is pretty common and the ANA is probably pregnancy induced. I do not want to have a repeat of last time so I am glad that I am on the lovenox, but I hate the injection part of it.

We tried natural cycles too, but I just got pregnant the one time after my surgery. I think it is always in God’s hands and I hope that our little ones will make an important impact some day.

I was in the E.R. last friday for vomiting, fainting and got an ultrasound. The tech said he “saw something” and was pretty confident that it was a boy. We have our anatomy scan on the 6th so we will get the confirmation then, but two techs have now guessed boy. To be honest after parenting three girls I am a little nervous to parent a little boy, but it will be fun and different. DH and I have been tossing around names. Since we never had to use our boy names we have two of them…still looking for more. If baby turns out to be a girl that will also be exciting, but we really don’t have any girl names so I will be hunting then :slight_smile:

How did your NT scan go today? I hope you got good news! Anything under 3mm my doc said was good. Did they take a guess at the sex? Or are you waiting to find out?


Perseverance - So, I responded to you this morning and wouldn’t you know it my internet connection got lost and everything I wrote was gone… grrr… so, I am trying again.

I am sorry you have to stick yourself with a needle daily! I am scared to death of needles and it was bad enough when I had to do it for a short time with the fertility drugs not for months at a time like you have to! But at least they know you have this issue know and will help bring your baby safe into this world! Is your syringe like a dial up syringe? Is the shot in the stomach?

Was is the flu that caused the vomiting and fainting? So glad the baby is okay and at least the tech got to give you an insight that you might be having a baby boy! VERY exciting! I know what you mean about how to parent a boy… it would make me nervous as well since all I know if girl! But it would be fun and my sister-in-law has boys and she says it is true what they say that boys are close to their Mommies!

As far as names… it is hard! Either you like the name but you know someone who has it or maybe used it for one of their children and don’t want to copy. I thought boys names were particularly hard! We actually have agreed on one boy name and one girl name already. Both I really love, so we are good either way right now. Good luck on choosing!

NT ultrasound went great! Our beautiful bean had a heart rate of 162 and measured out at 11 weeks 2 days, so just one day ahead! Looked like he/she waved at us! I cried and my hubby was thrilled and relieved we are just having one!!! The measurement was 1.7!!! I was concerned because the ultrasound tech said to me twice that there are other factors and nothing is definite on the measurement! But then I saw the Dr. and she said it was a great measurement and we shouldn’t be concerned! YEAH! I am so relieved that we say our little miracle and that we have a health baby growing… but the worry doesn’t stop there does it?


My computer has done that too! It is irrating. I recently was online shoppping at carters.com/oshgosh and I spend a consideral amount of time picking my stuff out etc and I also had a full shopping cart at motherhood and old navy for maternity clothes. My computer decided to update I lost the items its frusterating.

I think the NT scan of 1.7 is great! Mine was 1.4 and I was happy with that and decided not to do the blood test. I already worry so much. Did they see a nasal bone also? That is a good thing if they can see that.

The syringe is a prefilled needle. I honestly am pretty used to it know. I inject myself right around the belly button. I am going to have to pick a different place as I get bigger though. My belley butten area looks gross as it is black and blue with needle marks. I look like a junkie, but I don’t know why anyone would choose to pick themselves.

I a big scare this weekend! Our house was built in 2010 so it is pretty new, but the development that we live in is just getting developed. In our garage we found rat droppings around our shoes. We called an exterminator, but they couldn’t come out untill next week so we rented a storage shed and moved out all of our stuff around the walls (our garage is quite the storage area), luckly we didn’t find anything or any other droppings. We are know in the process of securing our garage door which was never sealed probably. DH cleaned up the droppings, but after googling I have completely freaked myself out! There is a virus, LMCV that mice/rats can carry that if you get when you are pregnant caused major brain issues with the baby. SO even through I didn’t touch the droppings it crawled over our shoes and I didn’t realize you could get this untill after we continued to wear our shoes etc. Needless to say I am completely freaked out about it and there is nothing I can do…Hope I don’t get sick (it takes 1-3 weeks and only 30% of people get symptoms). The good news is that the CDC thinks only 5% of mice/rats carry it and it is pretty rare to come down with it in 2006 there were only 50 cases of congetial LMCV ever reported…but stilll I am a worrier. DH says that it is impossbile not to come into contact with mice/rats since they live everywhere. I guess he is right, but still I worry. My house is pretty clean I am a neat freak and constanly scrub so if I every find anything in our house I think I will move out! I also have phobia of rodents!!!

About names we have three boy names that we have decided that we like, one is boy name that my sister would have stolen if she would have had a boy so I am a little tained with the name. It was our boy name since we had our first child and she decided that it was her boy name (when she had her youngest) and said it always was (she has an older daughter, but never mentioned the name to me before) She then went on to say that it is her DH’s dad’s middle name, which it is not we googled him…but I still do like it. The other name is rising in popularitiy. And we heard one name this weekend on a t.v. show, but turns out it is Arabic and since that culture is not really in our genes or history it would feel werid to pick a name out like that.

Do you want to share names? We just have our left over girl names that I am not too keen on. SO if the tech says girl we really will be looking in book and on line.


You asked about the nasal bone… ya know, all they said it they see a nose. The baby had a great profile and the nose was prevalent, so I am assume all was well. I did do the blood test and now will worry about that until I get the results and hopefully I will be reassured and not worry more. You might be on the right track to have just skipped the blood test but Dr. didn’t really offer that option either.

After all our bodies have gone through to bring our precious miracles into this world and you have to have a black and blue belly! Go figure!

Sorry to hear about the rats and any exposure to a possible armful rodent virus! Goodness I have never heard of such a thing but rats/mice are nasty creatures. Can you just throw the shoes you wore away or in the washing machine? I am sure you will be fine but still the possibility would make me worry too!

That is crazy that of all the names in the world your sister would have to take the boy name that you like AND lie to you that her father-in-law had that middle name!?! That is seriously wrong on so many levels! I won’t even consider my sister-in-law’s sister’s kids name or friends’ kids names! I don’t mind sharing names at all… for a boy we have Carter James and for a girl we have Natalie but a little unsure of the middle name yet. We like Natalie Alexis, Natalie Arianna or Natalie Ayriana… guess we like the middle name with an A for some reason. We liked that names Hunter and Tristan for a boy too but Carter is probably going to be the winner. Do you want to share too?:slight_smile:


Thats funny. Our boy name that we have had forever is Carter! This is the one that my sister said was hers too! I really like it still, but I feel like it is tainted. Our other name that we like is Asher, its biblical (he has a two line part in the bible), but it is gaining in popularity the last couple of years (I think it was number 139 on the social security website and 5 years ago it was like number 839). The name we heard on t.v. was Kyce, this is the arabic name and it was spelled like Qais? I would go with the spelling Kyce. DH does not like its orgin and thinks it is too made up. He likes Asher best or Carter. I am not sure what we will go with. Boys names seem to be hard because they are all so traditional I think Daniel is in the top 10 and Jacob has been number 1 for years. Not that I have anything against traditional names it just doesn’t really fit with me.

Our left over girl names are Kyla and Leah. Leah is deffinatly out as I don’t like that as much, but Kyla might still be in the running. Well its the only one we have…we will see what the tech says again.

I will say I love your boy name Carter and your girl name is cute and sophisticated. Aryianna was my neices name (She passed away in the NICU, she had hydroanachiphalus (spelled this wrong)) and was left with only a brain stem, so it was a blessing that she passed before she came home. So I love that middle name. Tristan seems to be pretty popular around here. My Dh thinks it is because of Brad Pitt’s role in ledgend of the fall. I always liked the name Hunter too, just wouldn’t pick that one out myself.

As far as throwing the shoes out I didn’t do my research untill after DH picked them up, I really didn’t think you could catch something. We have shelves, but as I am sure you know it is easier to kick them off before come into the house. So I am sure that the Rat climed on all of them. Only one shoe had poop in it (My little girls Nike’s ) so those did finially get thrown. We were going to wash them, but I didn’t even want them in the house! SO I am hoping that it didn’t pee on any of the shoes as DH is not even sure which ones were on the floor and now we have worn them since. I did lysol spray all of them though. I am just :pray: that his creature did not have this horrible disease…I think we have taken care of the problem now. I don’t know how people can live with mice in their house and just occassionaly trap them. I seriously would move out untill the probelm was complete solved. We heat our garage and our cat likes to go out there (she is inside only), but that privilage is being taken away from her now. I don’t think she is too happy about it! I keep telling myself only 5% of mice/rats carry it and what are the chances that the one that came into our garage had it. The worry will never end though…

I am nervous for our anatamy scan as I don’t want anything to be wrong. I just want a healthy happy normal baby! I tend to freak out about things and that is why I declined the blood test. They told me that they wanted me to have it, but I just said I am happy with the NT results and I will just worry worry worry.