Experience with Varicocele?


I am a 32 year old woman who is new to this forum and I joined because my boyfriend (almost fiance) told me recently that he has had Varicocele, a common cause for infertility. He was told by his doctor when he was 16 that he may not be able to have children. My boyfriend was really sweet when he told me and he said he knew that it might be a deal breaker for me but I just held my breath and told him that we would get through this.

It’s not anything he has ever shared with anyone but me because we want to get married and due to our faith, we are not going to have sex until marriage. I have never wanted to adopt but I guess I need to be open about this as an option. Should I ask him to get checked out again, he said he was willing to get information on it for me. I want him to know my love and acceptance of him but this is a really big blow. Any information or good stories about having children despite this condition would be most welcome! This is the first time I have mentioned this to anyone because it’s so personal and painful for him but I feel like I’m gonna burst if I don’t get some support or help to walk through this somehow!! HELP!! Thanks!


Welcome! Its great that he knows already and can tell you. Varicocele can be fixable with surgery. But he doesn’t need to see a urologist again that specializes in Male Infertility to see if there had been a change for the better or worse. He also needs to get a sperm test to see how bad things are. He could not have anything wrong with his counts and might not need any treatment at all.



Just because your future husband has a varicocele does not mean he can’t have children. There are different severities of varicoceles- grade 1 being the least severe and grade 3 being the worst. I would recommend he go see a urologist and get a sperm count and a consultation about how severe his varicocele is. The doctor might recommend having surgery to remove the varicocele. Surgery sometimes works and sometimes does not work for improving sperm counts.
The first urologist my husband went to said he had a grade 1 varicocele and there was a 50/50 chance of getting a normal sperm count after surgery. He also said it would take 6 months to find out if the surgery worked.
The second urologist my husband went to also said he had a grade 1 varicocele but he thought surgery would probably not improve things by much and recommended that we do IVF with P-ICSI.

In the end we decided not to do surgery and it took us two rounds of IVF to get pregnant.

I think it’s a great thing that your financee informed you of his problems because that will give you more time to solve them. Had I known that it would take us two years and a couple of months to concieve, we would have started much sooner.
Good luck!



thanks so much for your replies ladies, this really helps. Since this can take quite a while, to see if he has normal sperm counts etc… I think I will need to work up the nerve to ask him to get tested again. The worst is not knowing so as soon as we have information, we can know how to proceed.