Experiences with IMSI and/or PICSI



We have really bad fertilisation rates so we are planning a cycle with both IMSI and PICSI.

I was just hoping for some experiences from people of either or both of these procedures.

Did they help at all?

Thanks xx


we didn’t use IMSI but we looked into it. most clinics in US don’t offer it bc pretty much it’s just not cost effective. The microscope is super expensive and they can usually get what they need thru the reg microscope. We went to New Hope for a consult where they have it. I could not find another place in NYC or area with it. But I do think CCRM has it.

As for PICSI, i think SIRM NYC has it but I’m not sure.

The fert rates are better but if honestly the live birth rates aren’t much I don’t think bc if there may be underlying chromosomal problems with the sperm.

We had terrible fert rates with cycles 1 and 2- obv nothig to freeze. Cycle 3 we switched clinics and am currently 14 weeks with 4 in the bank. You may just do better at a new lab.

good luck!


So you haven’t actually had either treatments then?

I’m the UK and i’ve already found a clinic doing both thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve had 28 mature eggs and 1 fertilised over two cycles. Just waiting to see if the one turns into a pregnancy or not :pray:


Hmm, i’ve just done some research and it seems the live birth rate for IMSI at least is about double that of ICSI and the abortion rate is 10% instead of 30%.

I’ll have to see what i can find for PICSI :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d throw this in there. My RE’s office: The Jones Institue, is centrally part of Eastern VA Medical School. They were able to get a grant and get that really huge microscope you need to do both of these procedures. They ran trials for a year but they were inconclusive since most of the applicants didn’t have fertilization issues. They have started their second year of trials. We had to decide if we wanted to be part of it (they are asking all patients who are doing ICSI for a medical reason). Because it is a study and the way their IRB, internal review board, works, we had to say that we were okay with it or not. If we were okay with it, we got put into a bunch. They would select our embryos possibly but we won’t know at least until next year when the study has been completed. So, like I said, can’t tell you much but it looked awesome! Looking forward to seeing if we had regular ICSI, IMSI or PICSI…