Exploratory surgery or IVF?


Hi Everyone,

I am on my 3rd IUI and waiting to test. I saw my RE today and she gave me several options to move forward with. Injectables were not really recommend since I already responeded well to meds. There is no reason to suspect endometriosis and I do not have POAS. I have a good AMH and my tubes are open.

Should I do exploratory surgery or IVF?? My insurance would cover surgery. My parents will help me pay for IVF if I want to jump into that route. My doctor really made is seem up to me but I think part of has to do with not wanting to talk about money and what insurance covers. She said if I do have some endo it should not affect IVF.

Advice? Thanks, Dana

P.S. hoping I get a BFP this month and will to have worry about any of this in a week :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what good exploratory surgery would do for you if they don’t suspect anything (endo, etc.) is going on. I wouldn’t subject myself to that, I’d just move on to IVF.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


I agree with going on straight with IVF. Exploratory surgery sounds like an utterly painful thing to have to go through. Really, if you think about it, it doesn’t help you conceive. It might help in diagnosing what exactly is wrong with you, but the key word is “might”. There is a chance that they will be no more knowledgeable about the cause of your condition despite how invasive that procedure is. I’m not convinced that there are no other non-invasive diagnostic procedures that can be done to help determine the cause of your condition.

Anyway, you should really try to clarify what exactly are the chances that they will find something to help them later with the choice of a specific course of infertility treatment appropriate for you. Ask what the surgical plan is going to be. You could also do your own research about exploratory surgery and how it has helped or not helped other women with infertility.