Extremely High HCG Level


4 weeks and 1 day since LMP. Hcg is 37,000. Yes that is 37k. It was my first beta. Natural surprise pregnancy. Fertility clinic was nice enough to do the beta. They cancelled my repeat on wednesday. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Oct 18th. Long wait. Worried that it’s a molar pregnancy. Anyone have a similar experience that resulted in good news? Very scared.


It sounds like a molar pregnancy because of that level. Make sure to follow exactly what they tell you to do, as some of these can become cancerous. I want to stress that its very rare!


Just wanted to give an update. I had an ultrasound today and looks like I am 6 weeks, 4 days. The sac was empty so I guess it’s a blighted ovum. I also have a uterine polyp to boot. I have another ultrasound in a week to make sure the sac is still empty. My RE said “stranger things have happened”. Really disappointed with the news. Our plan is to do fertility drugs when the RE says everything is ok and healed. On the upside it is not a molar pregnancy so I am relieved about that.