Failed IVF (1st try)


Me: 35 (severe endometriosis - laproscopy done in 2004).
DH: No issues
DB - 2005 (conceived naturally)
TTC - 12+months (for second child)
IVF cycle #1 (started Sep 2011)
Egg Retrieval : Oct 27th,2011
D3 transfer : Oct 30th,2011
Bleeding started : Nov 9th,2011
1st Beta: 33 on NOv 10th,2011
2nd Beta: 77 on NOv 13th,2011
3rd Beta: 199 on NOv 16h,2011
4th Beta: 10 on Nov 21st,2011
No bleeding yet after the periods started on Nov 9th. Is this chemical pregnancy?


I still have some preggy symptoms (nauseous, tender breasts). Help…very confused…what should I expect next? RE cancelled u/s for 11/22 as teh HCG levels fell down to 10.


I’m so sorry you are going through all this! I’m not sure what the exact definition of a chemical pregnancy is? Unfortunately with a beta that low it sounds like your period will eventually come. Your symptoms should subside once all the hormones leave your system. My period is always heavier after IVF so you can probably expect that as well. Again I am so very sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. HUGS…


Sounds like this is a chemical pregnancy, unfortunately. The fact that your levels dropped and are so low now is an indicator. Your body may not have completely expelled the tiny embryo yet, which is why you have not bled as of yet. Once you stop the progesterone, if you have not already, you will get your period. This happened to me in June/July, and although I was bleeding before the beta and confirmed chemical, once I stopped the progesterone I started a more normal period. Chances are, you have the symptoms you still have as a result of the progesterone. I have had two kids and the side effects of progesterone are so similar to early pregnancy feelings, it’s scary. After my chemical, it took a couple of months for me to really feel “normal” physically. I hope you get through this okay and I wish you :grouphug:


A chemical pregnancy is a pregnancy that can only be confirmed by blood tests (not visible on u/s) - thus the term ‘chemical’. Blood tests detect the chemical HCG, but the pregnancy ends before u/s confirmation can be achieved.

I am sorry you are going through this. I am currently experiencing my third chemical pregnancy. It is a horrible, horrible mind !#[email protected] The fact that your hcg is down to 10 means that the pregnancy has almost completly ended. A beta of under 5 is considered negative. However, it may take several weeks to get your period.:grouphug:


I’m so sorry to hear you are having to go through all of this. It does sound like you are experiencing a chemical pregnancy. We went through two early miscarriages and one chemical before finally having our miracle. Please don’t give up. Hugs!!


Thanks for all your responses and support. I will wait for my periods to start, so that I can begin trying again. I think I will go natural now, as I am a little scared with the IVF process. It does seem like the egg quality for the 9 that were retreived, was not good (as none of them survived). I am optimistic that trying naturally may produce a healthy egg. I will try accupuncture as well to get rid of endo. Wish me luck all you wonderful people…lets hang in there :slight_smile: