Failed IVF Cycle - Assemetrical Follicles


Hello, I’m 39 and just went through my first failed IVF cycle. I took Ganirelex (250/day), Menopur (2 vials a day), Follistim (250/day), and a Growth Hormone among pills such as Estrance. All of my blood tests were right on track throughout the process.

They had expected five eggs, but because of assemetrical follicle development, four of the eggs were too small to retrieve. This means that one egg dominated over the others, and prevented the others from growing to the right size. They did retrieve one egg but it unfortunateley didn’t fertilize.

I would like to know if anyone knows how well a change in protocal helps with assemetrical follicle development? My doctor is hopeful, but I’d like to know from those who have been through multiple cycles with assemetrical follicle development.

I would like to have realistic expectations, and also think about how many cycles I should attempt.

Thanks so much for your help!