Failed IVF Twice now (One Fresh and One Frozen)


[FONT=Arial]I’m new to this forum. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]I’m 37 with a history of mild endometriosis, 1 ectopic pregnancy with loss of one fallopian tube, Hashimoto’s disease, and hypothyroidism. We’ve been TTC for 4 years. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]We did 6 cycles of Clomid before doing IVF. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]We did our first round of IVF with a fresh transfer in early July which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. The doctor said my progesterone was slightly high just before retrieval and my TSH was higher than ideal. I have hypothyroidism. The thought was that these two issues were contributing factors to the failure. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]We began our second round for FET early September and just found out it did not work on Monday. My TSH was perfect before this round (0.6) with good T3 and T4 levels. My P4 was also ideal. Therefore we proceeded. 5 days after our FET of 5 day old blastocysts my TSH was rechecked and had shot up to 5.6 with lowered T3 and T4 levels. My RE even put me on low dose steroids to control potential auto-immune and thyroid involvement. Thyroid is my only guess as to why this round failed. We did everything else perfectly as we were asked. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Feeling down and so lost as to what and why this happened. We’re going to take a few months off and try one more retrieval round and FET starting in Feb. 2014. Has anyone had this trouble and had success?[/FONT]


I don’t know what my AMH was. I know that my RE said my FSH tells her that I don’t have the best “egg basket”, but I don’t know my FSH number either. My endocrinologist just increased my synthroid from 112 mcg to 125 mcg. I need to call my endo and tell them I’m not on all the hormones anymore and that the round failed. I just haven’t had it in me yet. Maybe I’ll do that now. We chose not to do genetic testing on the embryos but we will for sure next round. I would also like to have more auto-immune testing done on me to see if there’s something we’re missing.


I also know that after the first fresh round failed she said she had a hard time getting my follicles to develop for retrieval. We sacrificed one egg and went one more day to get more eggs for retrieval. She said that the benefit vs the slightly high P4 (over 2) was worth it to get more eggs. She said this is also an explanation for my first failure. She said that the retrieved embryos grew just fine. We harvested 12 and a total of 4 were of good quality for 5 day blastocysts. They transferred 2 embryos first round, then two from FET.


I failed my first two rounds of IVF then I really prepared for our third. I planned 90 days in advance with taking supplements (DHEA, CoQ10, Royal Jelly), lost 19 lbs ( I was overweight from the two previous cycles), started acupuncture. I had the best egg quality we have ever gotten - and it may be too early to say whether it’s successful but right now I’m 4wk4days pregnant when DH and I have very low odds. Don’t give up!


Thank you Anastasia. That’s encouraging to hear. I’m using the next 3-4 months to do the same. I gained about 20 lbs with the past two rounds and want to whip myself back into shape and get healthy.

Can you tell me why you chose the three supplements? My doctor put me on Vit E and L-Arginine with this last round. You’re the third person to say they used acupuncture. I’m a researching phase of things to do to help better prepare me for February-March. We will for sure do a retrieval and then PGD.


My RE was closely monitoring my TSH while I was seeing him. I had graves when I was in my early 20’s and now am on complete replacement. Mine has been all over the place since I delivered my DD 2.5 years ago. The P4 could have contributed to the chemical. Just remember though, its not uncommon for it to take 2-3 tries before you are successful. Don’t get discouraged. I have seen the average to get pregnant with IVF is 2.5 tries, so you have every reason to believe that you can be successful still. Are you going to do a different protocol next time? If they had a hard time getting your follicles to develop then it may benefit you to discuss that with them. I didn’t do anything really besides trying to eat right and stay in shape as possible with the hormones etc. Its not an easy road, but best of luck! Some swear by the vitamins/supplements and acupuncture. The only thing I did was take the female fertile aid between my miscarriage and the 2nd ivf…I didn’t see any results then as it takes 90+ days but then a month later when I did my 3rd I had the best ever, both as far as egg quality and quantity. It had a bunch of that stuff in it and it was about $30 per month…


Good luck! I agree with Jenn that for many people it can take more then two times. The CoQ 10 and DHEA was because I have a very low AMH (.16) and we only got 3 eggs the first time and the second time they felt it was an egg quality issue. My RE put me on those. Through these forums I heard of the Royal Jelly and looked into it and felt that it wouldn’t hurt and some people swear by it ( My RE said she didn’t care but had my stop prior to stimming). Acupuncture actually has some at least 1 good study that I found supporting it. I noticed physical signs prior to my cycle that it was working and I’m now on the band wagon. (Ie: I always have 21 day cycles and after two sessions I was at a 28 day cycle…amazing!)


Thank you so much for everyone’s encouragement. I was in such good physical health before the first round but with the thyroid, the IVF meds, and my RE asking I limit exercise while in the process…I blew up. Right now, I’m trying to get moving and get back in good health. I’m a runner and not being able to run has been really hard for me. I’m excited that I can get out there again. My Endocrinologist said they want me to immediately increase my synthroid once I start IVF meds because my levels get out of balance quickly and they want to try and stay ahead of it all.

To hear it takes a few tries or more makes me feel better. The day we went to hear all of our reasons for the first round failing, my sister in law announced she was “pregnant without even trying.” Just this week a friend asked how our IVF journey was going and I decided that I would share this time. Immediately after sharing, she tells me she’s 5 weeks pregnant. It’s been a rough journey, but you’re encouragement means a lot.

God bless ladies…will be praying for ya!


Don’t give up, i did 4 Fresh Cycles (all Neg) and 6 Frozen transfers; (5 out of 6 neg) i finally got my 1st positive on 9/12/14 and i’m 11 weeks 4 days pregnant!! I switched clinics after 2yrs of doing the same protocol and getting the same negative results. Our issue started as MF, but it wasn’t bad enough were IVF should of been working for us; i felt as if this Dr. was so focused on the issue being my husband and not looking to see if there was anything wrong w/me; we were creating beautiful embryos. So i left and went to Fertility Solutions and met Dr. Ana Kowalik; she did all kinds of ultra sounds and blood work on my; we found that i had some broken gene MTHFR; she put me on Folate and then we did a FET and it worked! i couldn’t believe it; the only thing we did different was take the Folate: