Failed Mini Stim


I did a mini stim cycle in march and it was a failure along with the fet. I was considering doing another mini stim cycle …any advise? Anyone with a success on second try?


I’m sorry to hear about your failed cycle. I did a mini cycle too a year ago and it didn’t work. I did it with clomid and Bravelle. I don’t know your diagnosis or protocol but mini IVF might be worth another shot depending on your clinic’s success rate with it. Some clinics specialize in mini IVF and do well with it, while others, such as my former one, have it as sort of an experimental option. I think it can be a good choice for certain people, but just make sure your doc has a good, individualized protocol for you.


Minimal Stimulation IVF, just my opinion

If you look statistically a Mini cycle does have a chance of lower success. I believe that is one of the reasons that most facilities should communicate that your chances of taking home a baby often will take a second and possibly a third cycle. (much like standard IVF). I would definitely go for the additional cycle. I would hope that your facility offers a multiple cycle discount. they know that it most often will take at least two and sometimes a third cycle to bring home that miracle. Best of luck to you and I hope this link offers you some hope in your decision making.
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