Failed mTESE- looking for help & direction!



DH just underwent mTESE @ Cornell for NOA from y chromosome microdeletion. No sperm was found and we are devastated.

Has anyone with a micro deletion failed @mTESE and gone on to successfully have a biological child? Looking for any and all suggestions on alternative medicine and/or anything else that might help DH produce sperm. We tried Arimidex before the mTESE- obviously it did nothing.

I can’t help but think there must be something out there to help.

Thanks in advance.


I am sorry, that must have been devastating.

I have not heard of anything beyond the mtese.

Good luck!


I am very sorry to hear that. Sending you :grouphug:
My husband also has azoospermia. Although we did not do the mTese, we did not do any exploratory surgery to find any sperm. RE said he had a pretty slim chance in even finding sperm and our insurance would not cover something like that. We choose donor sperm.

I was reading your signature and it looks like you went with the best doctor (Dr. Schlegal) there is for this kind of stuff. Many ladies in the azoospermia board have said that he is the best in the business and world reknowned for azoospermia. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of anything else that will help out.

I know it is very hard. I have been in your shoes. For me, it was just something I had to come to terms with and let go of that fact that I would never have my husband’s biological child. Even now, that we have our 14 month old son, I still wonder about getting pregnant from my husband. I don’t use birth control and so I still wonder , what if, it could still happen. I still hold out hope, but I doubt it.

Since it is still so early for you and DH on what to do next, keep in mind there are many other options out there for you. We realized in the end, we wanted a child, no matter what. We went with donor sperm. This option is not for everyone and it a decision only you and your DH can make. There is also donor embryos, adoption. I wish you all the best!


Hi mintsea, We have similar situation here. I was just curious how your appt. with Dr. Turek go? Did you find anything? Or what route did you end up going with, thanks for your reply


I have same problem with myself, I have my mtesa operation in few months…
Any advise
I am so stressed and worried never realised this can happen to so many people who really want a baby.