FAINT BFP on FRER, but BFN on Answer??


I posted yesterday that I have been getting extremely faint lines on FRER’s (Ive taken 4 tests now). This afternoon around 1pm I took an FRER and there is a very faint, but definite line that doesnt appear gray. Its still exremely faint though so Im very nervous. About 30 minutes ago i took an Answer Early Result HPT and dont see a line. Could it be that this test has less sensitivity? Maybe my urine was more diluted? I am 9dp3dt today. I hate that this has made me so nervous and on edge because I dont knwo what to think!!


I always find FRER’s to be more sensitive than Answer, but my favorite tests are BW Pregnancy Test Strips and EZ Ultra Tests from babywishes.org (super cheap).

Congrats and happy testing!!


Congrats!! First of all, you’re pregnant!!! I would stop testing. Honestly when I got my positive, I kept testing to see the line go dark and it never did.

I started freaking out and sent my DH to the store to buy more tests, etc. I would take a digital test (yes or no) on 11dp3dt and leave it at that. :slight_smile:

I know it’s exciting to test, but you will drive yourself nuts with them. :slight_smile: When is your beta?

Some tests are def. more sensitive than others.