Faint BFP!!!


Im so nervous to even believe this. I picked up a few new choice (dollar store) tests the other day so that I could feed to my POAS addiction. Peeonastick.com says they are 25 sensitivy, and they seem to be pretty reliable although I have never used them. I tested 9dpiui (10dp trigger) and got a definite negative. Tested again yesterday 10dpo and got another negative. This morning I tested with FMU and fell back asleep before I could even read the test and when I got back up it was a FAINT BFP but I chucked in the trash and chalked it up as a evap line. I was sooo anxious this evening so I POAS again and a VERY VERY FAINT line showed up within 4 mins!!! Im not going to believe it yet, but I want to be excited. Does anyone have experience with new choice tests??? or faint lines??


THANK YOU! I’m still have a hard time believeing it, at first I thought I was just seeing things! But my DH and best friend said they can see the line to so I know Im not going nuts lol. Im going to keep testing and hopefully the lines keep getting darker. It is just SOOO faint and as thin as a thread buts it there!!!:pray: :cross:


A Faint Line Is Better Than No Line At All

Here’s for a :bfp: . Keep us updated on your results.


Well I think Im out this month, I tested again this morning and got a BFN. Im so confused, so now im just waiting for :af:


I am praying for you, but I just wanted to let you know I tested two cycles ago with those tests and got a line 3 different times and I wasn’t prego. I am not trying to be a downer and I pray that you truely have a BFP but I just wanted to be honest about my experience with those.


Yeah I dont think I will be using these EVER AGAIN, cheap or not it’s not worth the let down!


Sorry to hear about the let down, but I am still :cross: for you that you will end up with a BFP. It is still early!


:babydust: passing some along


I had a faint line during my last IUI. Then the next day it was gone. My RE had me come in for a Beta and it was 5. So they considered me pregnant, but then :af: showed up 4 days later. Hang in there. :babydust::babydust:&:bsv: to you. :cross::cross:


The same thing happen to me today. I took 4 and they all turned positive but it took about 25 minutes for them to show up. So, I went and bought a first response and it was positive within 2 minutes. I suggest you buy a better test just to double check!:pray: for you.


You used the New choice pregnancy tests from the dollar store?? Im so frustrated with these, I think for now I am just going to wait to see if :af: comes in the next few days. If she doesnt show by the end of the week then I will def. take a better test. It happened this morning too. I took one with FMU, and it was BFN then about 15-20 mins later it was showing a faint second line… it is really going to make me crazy! CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!!:clap: :cheer: :bsv:


If it makes you feel any better, I have used these for 2 1/2 years and never got a pink 2nd line until yesterday. Except for when we did our IVF and i think it took at least 10minutes for that to turn positive as well. If your 2nd line is pink, Id think happy thoughts :wink:


I was actually just reading up on pregnancy tests and found a study done that showed some tests gave accurate readings if you wait to check the line until after the suggested 1-5 min…they said after 10 minutes the tests were showing reliable positives…I would go buy a variety of tests and see if you get positives on all of them! Good luck!!


AHH you ladies are giving me hope! Are they notorious for evap lines or anything? The control line is purple and the test line is faint purple. Im still hesitant to get excited about this, just in case its an evap line or a false positive! :cross: though… :af: is due tomorrow, so only time will tell : )


Post photo of the test… Us ladies help you out… I’ve always heard a line is a line. Don’t give up hope hun hang in there.

:pray: for you.


Prayer Works

THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS… THEY WORKED!!! I :thankyou: I just took a FRER and it is DEFINITELY a:bfp: … I’m so excited!!! Thanks for the support and prayer ladies, it really means alot!!!


Hooray! Congrats!! Can’t wait to hear those beta numbers!


Congrats on your :bfp: that is wonderful… Let us know what your beta says… Again Congrats… :clap:


Congratulations on the BFP!:clap:I hope the BFP is contagious and we all get it!!


Huge Congrats!!! :cheer::cheer::cheer: