Fair sperm progression and IUI


I had an IUI last wednesday and my husband’s total motile sperm count (post wash) for the IUI was 14 million. His motility was 55% HOWEVER, what I am most concerned about is his “forward progression,” which came out as “slightly moving forward.” On a scale of 0-4 (0 being no sperm moving and 4 being rapid moving linear sperm), it was a 2 :grr:.

Anyone have success with an IUI where the forward progression was slow, meaning the sperm weren’t seen as “swimming” very fast? Do only “fast” moving sperm fertilize eggs or can the slow ones eventually make it as well? Sorry to ask such a technical sperm question, just looking for a little hope to be restored that this cycle wasn’t a total bust. Tiffany


For sure, fast moving sperm have better chances of getting to the ovum and successfully fertilizing it. Grade 2 forward progression means the sperm move forward slowly and in a poorly defined direction. This means that they many of them won’t even find their way to the ovum, and those that do will take longer than a normal sperm cell.

Sometimes, the cause for the low sperm velocity is excessive thickness of the seminal fluid. I’m guessing the ones handling the sample would be able to identify if this was the case in your situation. If so, they would treat the semen specimen such that it would have a lower viscosity and hence would cease to impede the sperm cells from getting to the ovum.