Fall FET's :)



I know its early but thought that I would start a DB for anyone in the fall.

I will be doing FET for baby 2 sometime this fall - not yet sure when, Sept, Oct, or November.

Just to give you a little about myself. I have PCOS and low progesterone. I have had 3 m/c’s before DD all because of low progesterone. It took 5 years to get DD which was from FET 1. I am ttc for baby 2 and we did FET 2 = m/c, FET 3 & 4 = bfn, FET 4 (m/c). I told the RE I suspect the m/c and the bfn are progesterone related… in my heart that’s what I feel. The 2 bfn’S I knew I was preg but by right before the test I knew I was not.

We did repeat m/c testing and hormone testing and I was perfect on everything. The RE said it could be chromosonal but he thinks that is a small chance and “now” says progestrone… hmmm, really? I will be placed on the max dosage and various types this time.

I am started to see a chiropractor because of back pain and I have heard fertility alignment. I found out I have sacrum which has nerves and mine are all messed up and this could interfere with getting preg and maybe my m/c as these nerves work with the reproductive system. I started last week so we shall see.

I am also starting accupuncture for the first time. This lady was recommended by my RE. It is best to have 3 cycles before FET. So as long as I am a go on money for FET and meds I am looking at prob Oct.

DH and I may in a month or two may just try the follistim cycles just to see.