False Negatives??


Okay, this is my third IUI. Today was 14 days passed my IUI, and I was a good girl and waited. LOL It was hard, but I waited. I tested this morning, and it was negative. I cried like a baby, then moved on and went to school. :slight_smile: However, I haven’t started my period like I normally do with these shots. I am PRAYING for a false negative. I used an equate e.p.t. Just wondered how often women get false negatives? My doctor is closed as of noon, so I can call and ask the nurse. I am hoping and praying for a miracle!!


Hi Jennifer,

It seems like many women get BFNs on day 12 or even 13, and end up with a BFP on day 14, however a BFN on day 14 is usually the real deal.

If pregnant, your hcg should be doubling every 24 hours or so in the early stages, so it is possible that on day 12 or 13 the level is too low to be detected by a urine test, but by waiting just one day it will double and could be detected the next day. When you’re able to detect depends partly on when implantation occurs (I think upto 12 days after ovulation?). Only once it implants will you start pumping out hcg, so late implantation would result in hcg being detected later. But again, even with day 12 implantation, by day 14 you should see something.

All that said, it is possible that the level of hcg in your system is still too low to be detected by a urine test (depending on how sensitive your test is), but a blood test could show a positive. Are you having a beta done or just relying on HPT?

This happened to me in Sept - BFN on urine tests every day from day 10 to day 14, then a blood test on day 14 showing a beta of 11. This is really low, and ended in a chemical pregnancy (most cases like this where you have a beta below 20 on day 14 don’t end well, though you do hear of the odd miracle story where things just pick up and everything works out great. In my case, my beta dropped to 5 two days later so it happened very quickly). If you’re not having a blood test done, and are holding out hope I would say test again on day 15, in case you do have a situation with a late implanter and low beta on day 14. If it has any chance, it will double and be detectable as a positive on day 15. But by day 15, I would say a BFN is really the real deal no matter what.

Good luck, hopefully things will turn out well for you!


Thanks. Just wishing and hoping, but mostly praying!! LOL No blood test. Just HPT. :slight_smile:


Hi Jennifer -

I had negative HPT’s from days 12-14 after my IUI until I had my beta, which was positive on day 14 when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Good luck and :babydust:!


Thanks for the support!!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: