Fearing negative pregnancy test result


I am a little over 2 weeks “late” (which I have never been that late before) and am putting off taking a pregnancy test in fear to see a negative result. I’ve had to many heartbreaking results in the past. I am trying to tell myself to just wait a little longer. Have not mentioned anything to anyone even my DH. Both of my tubes are blocked so other than being “late” I have no reason to think I am prego. I hear about miracle pregnancies and miracle babies but fear that will not be the case here. Again a reason for putting the test off. Anyhoo just had to release a little stress. But just in case I decide to do a little test please cross your fingers for me. :cross: :pray:


:cross: Hope you get your +


I know how you feel…Tomorrow I am going for my first beta after my 2nd IUI. I have so many emotions…But my biggest is fearing the negative result.

Last time it was positive but not high enough and ended up not being viable about 2 weeks later.

Like you, I want to know though…I need to know. I hope everything is going well with you. If you’re worried, definitely see a doctor. He or she is the only one that can really calm your mind.

Best wishes to you!