February 2010 Due Dates


[quote=blueyes418]The elmo pic is one of the favors. I’m filling it up with goldfish crackers (since last year we gave away real goldfish), and putting a tag that says Elmo loves his goldfish, we hope you do to! My sister is painting them!

And the other pics are my poor boy :([/quote]

NOOOO Poor Jax!! Hope it heals fast!

Lia- I am so glad you are in the hospital. It just seems like you need to be monitored around the clock. I really have no doubt that you and Joshua are going to hang in there and be just fine. This is such a short time in the hospital compared to all the time you, Joshua, Lucas and your hubby are going to have in the future! You are such a trooper. Are they saying they are delivering at 26 weeks for sure now?? OR that is just your first goal? Hope you have lots of time to keep us updated! You have all my prayers with you, and I do pray!! :slight_smile: A lot!! :grouphug:

Melissa- We never had a party. We don’t know anyone here lol Soooo, we went out to pizza, childrens museum, cake and presents at home. It was quiet but I like quiet these days :slight_smile: Next year we will have a bundle of people over I am sure…


Btw you guys… Never thought I’d say this but I am thinking about a third! Not really sure and wouldn’t do any treatment for it, it would have to be natural, but it’s happened naturally before, so who knows. But I’m just thinking about it!


Okay, everyone distract me with YOUR news!

Molly – 64 people? Oh gosh, I don’t know whether I’m flabbergasted or just spittin’ jealous because you have that much family around. :slight_smile: What a wonderful birthday party that would make! Are you thinking of any themes?

Cheryl – What on earth happened to Jax’s sweet little eye? They get so active at this age and just tumble themselves to bits, don’t they?

Jami – If you’re thinking about a third, that means you [U]want[/U] a third. :smiley: Don’t let anyone tell you it’s silly, and don’t question yourself… The fact that you say you’re willing to let it happen naturally rather than with intervention, sort of tells me you’re delighted with the idea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the girls to have a baby brother??

Mary – I’ve been enjoying Oliver and Ellie’s pictures so much on facebook! I especially love Ellie’s little brightly colored ruffly skirt – that’s just adorable!

All the rest of you and your birthday party plans… They all sound so lovely, it’s killing me. As long as we’re still chugging away here in the hospital, I think Lucas’ 2nd birthday will have to have a “Doctor” theme, because we’re having it right here in my room. (This is if, God willing, things are still going strong and Joshua hasn’t made his appearance yet).

AFM – Had a really good night last night of almost no bleeding at all. Baby is still moving strong and has a healthy heartrate, so that’s good. I’m staying fairly still, (for me), trying to keep calm, and filling my days with a whole lot of reading. Woot!! 17 days until the 24-week milestone, (which is still a rough place), and 31 days until the first MASSIVELY HOPEFUL milestone of 26 weeks! C’mon uterus, you can hold it together that long… :wink:


Lia- I think a doctor themed party for Lucas would be great :slight_smile: Besides in the long run he’ll never remember his 2nd birthday and you’ll be giving him the gift of a sibling :slight_smile: As for having 64 family members around, Lia I think with my luck they’d all be crazy and annoying. I’ll stick to the smaller numbers :slight_smile: What books are you reading?

Paisley- I think it’d be great if you had another, I must admit I’m pretty amazed at your change of heart though LOL, wasn’t it you who was joking about having your uterus taken out? LOL See it just takes time to forget the horrors of newborn-ness and then the baby urge comes back!


Everyone distract Lia, and revive this board for her. :slight_smile:

Paisley- I am shocked to hear that. Honestly, Peter and I were not on board for doing anymore treatments but the want has grown enough to do more treatments if necessary. We have never taken precautions and it has never happened so I am fairly certain that IVF is the only way for us!! I hope you can get that natural BFP! I also hope you have a boy so you can experience both worlds!! :slight_smile:

Mac- I think you probably gave the dog away too quickly anyways so I am glad to see you got her back. It will be an adjustment for your older dog but you will get there! I really want a dog for the kids but then again, waayyy too much work haha

Molly- Excited for your fet!!

Lia- What books are you reading?? Do you have an ereader? 31 days in nothin!!! Thought I am hoping for more like 45 so you see that 28 week mark. Are you on constant monitoring? I bet the nurses are gonna love having you around for that long. Can you message your address to me? Is your husband going up to see you often?

Sheri- How is your nose?? What happened was it snow or something?

I was trying to distract Lia with a nice long post but my kids are completely out of control so I have to run…I tried :nerd:


Wow, I really need to check in more often :slight_smile:

HELL FROZE OVER!!! Paisley - stop the madness! LOL! Did you bump your head? Ahhh, I’m really happy for you :slight_smile: I seriously can’t believe it though. I’m still on the never, ever train. I actually saw something in Women’s Health magazine last night about these little plastic things they can put into your fallopian tubes to permanently prevent pregnancy and it is a simple office procedure. I’m going to ask about it next time I’m at the doctor.

Lia, I’m happy you are in the hospital - you won’t stay down any other way. You are almost there!!

I’m having a little party for B&C but I’m not even buying them a present. They still have gifts in the garage from Christmas they haven’t opened yet. Instead I will put the $ into their bank accounts…miserable mom huh!

And poor, poor little Jax… that is a bad booboo.

And Brooklyn and Cooper (especially Cooper) are still not sleeping through the night. We are up sometimes 3 to 4 times a night with them. We threaten the whole CIO but when push comes to shove, we both work and have to get up early so it is just easier to go help them. It is 1 minute vs. 2 hours of crying that we can’t sleep through. UGGGHHHH It gets frustrating because if it isn’t one during the night, it is the other.


hell has frozen over, or this awful cold i have is ruining my brain! i only said im thinking of another one, not that im preggo or anything! i honestly don’t think it will happen-meaning that we will actually try, but its nice to feel that i could want another one. i DO remember the misery of newborns, which is a big reason why i wouldn’t do it! But i know that passes, and the whole weight gain thing is temporary too ( but i’m vain i can’t help it i don’t like the weight gain!) and right now the girls are still too young. but i came to this conclusion over the weekend-my life is already way more chaotic then i ever thought it woud be, so whats another one? can’t be harder than what i’ve already been through! And so three kids isn’t the neat little foursome-well twins is never the neat little singleton! and how did you guys all know i’d want a boy???


Lia, where are you…need updates!


The shots have begun! Yesterday I had my first Lupron shot. I’ve got my cache of pills every morning - Folbic, Doxycycline, prenatal vitamin, birth control & Vit D twice a week. Oh joy! I’ll be glad with I’m done with the Doxy, it messes with my tummy. I had an SHG yesterday (or something like that). Nothing like the one with the dye that was done for IVF. This was saline being inserted & a test placement. No biggie. Just moving right along with the process!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


Farler- Congrats on beginning the next part of your journey! The meds are the worst part! Goodluck! I can’t wait to hear you announce your twins :stuck_out_tongue:

Lia- I’m getting worried… please post soon! My prayers are still with you and Josh!


Lia in hope all is well.

Farley that awesome Carter will Mae a heart big bro!

Not much new around here. The people were on their way to bring Laya back and this las Brenda called on her. I had let some of the local rescues know. It’s specifically a ****zu rescue. So she has the PERFECT home. They are retired and can spend all day with her. I miss my baby girl but she is a good place where she won’t get hurt.

So we found Dom through rescue. Owner surrended b/c he is breediv pits now, WTF? Aho. An get rid of a dog have had for that long. So he called me back and thank god he was looking for a A"family" and not just first come. He drove him out here and we all feel I love immed. Even my hubbie was like I like him and if u knew him that’s not normal. He is like whatever u want kinda person. Anyway Teenk right from the beginning was wagging her tail, kissing him and just totally differ from her meet with Laya. Plus he’s bigger. 20lbs vs 4lbs. Teenk is 62lbs. Dom is a spitfire and puts Teenk in her place she she needs it! Another boy but hey I’m destined for them lol. I think he used him as a stud for breeding. I as why he’s gorgeous but I am not ad advocate of that. He is getting neutered Monday. The guy has had him sine he is certified but I couldnt care less. He is for me to spoil and love not make more babies when their are so many dogs in need of home. Anyway thanks for all ur support during this time. It meant a lot. Off course a other male in my house :slight_smile:

Grey turns two next weeknd. Time flies!


I hope Lia doesn’t mind me sharing her FB status but I wanted to assure everyone that she’d doing well right now!

[I]22 weeks and 5 days today! In one week, they can begin giving me steroid injections, which will do two things: Help develop the baby’s lungs in case of premature delivery, and turn me into the Incredible Hulk. Woe to those who make me angry then. Stay tuned.[/I]

I took my last Doxycycline yesterday. Yay! Those things made both Andy & I nauseous. Just chugging along until I finish my BC & my period starts. The Lupron shots are really a non-event. Not not not looking forward to the PIO. We’re not telling very many people about Project baby #2. We’d rather wait until we’re pregnant or out of embryos to let people know what is going on. Fewer questions that way!

MacDev - Glad you found Dom a home & provided a home for a needy fellow! I’m so glad you’re getting him fixed too. I hate people breeding dogs. There are enough dogs out there that need homes, no need to make more. OK, off my soap box. LOL


I rarely post but always read what is going on with you ladies. Need some input/advice.

Is anyone else dealing with a child that is a complete control freak? Right now in our home we are living in a dictatorship! Liam decides who does what. Some days only I am allowed to take him out of his car seat. If my DH tries to do it he will shake his head “no” and point at me. He has a complete melt down if the person other than the one he wants does it. This pretty much goes for everything. Taking him out of his crib, changing him, dressing him, brushing his teeth. He is a complete nightmare right now. I know it is completely normal for toddlers to want some control but Wow!! I’m sure we don’t help matter by allowing him to get his way but there are times that it is just not worth the meltdown that ensues.

Seriously, am I the only one with a little monster right now?

Lia - Been following you. I’m so glad you are in the hospital and being watched carefully. Praying for both you and little Joshua.


Mallon- Grey did go through that phase were Mommy had to do everything but I ignored it and it went away. Either daddy helps or you get no juice. Daddy helps or you get no sleep. If he didnt stop crying he got put in the time out spot. They are old enough to know what he is doing and its working. :slight_smile:


malloned, agree with mac. don’t give in. both my girls scream from their car seats that they want me, but i can only do one. remember you are in charge, not him! he will survive :slight_smile: and at the end of the night, have a big glass of wine!


We don’t give into it. If Carter is hurt, sick or extremely tired, we’ll let him have a bit more latitude. But otherwise, we ignore his fits. We continue doing what needs to be done & don’t acknowledge his behavior. It sucks but I’m really hoping that the lack of attention will help nip it.


Lots of chatter going on!!! Lia, keep going strong!!! We all know you’ll make it to your milestones and that everyone will be happy and healthy!!!

Molly - good luck with the FET!!! Have fun with all those meds!

Paisley wants a baby, Paisley wants a baby!!! :woohoo:

Mac, my nose is a little crooked and I have a deviated septum now and a “knot” or something in between my eyes at the top of my nose. I already had a CT scan done but the doctor couldn’t tell what it was. Having another one on Tuesday. I’m so sick of having that bump on it!!!

Ally’s party is Saturday too, on her actual birthday. Can’t believe I have a 2 year old!!!

Malloned - my kid is a super control freak. I’m terrible about giving in. Most of the time, I feel like she’s in charge. I know, I know…trying to be better. I’M THE BOSS!!! I keep telling myself that. But it’s way less stressful when she gets what she wants, LOL!!!

Potty training - I feel like it’s never going to happen. Are we still at a young age for it? Ally will tell me when she pees and tells me to change her diaper. She’ll get on the toilet (her little one or the regular one) and fake wipe herself but nothing EVER comes out! Her Ped said to really push it when she turns two but I don’t know. I feel like it’ll never happen. And it’s so convenient for her to wear a diaper, LOL!!! …it takes forever in the bathroom with her now when she’s pretending to pee and she uses a bazillion sheets of toilet paper!!!


Thanks so much for the input! My first son, whom we adopted from Russia at 21 months, didn’t really go through this stage until he was about 3. I think I somehow blocked it out.

I have implemented the time out chair now and so far not so good. Liam actually WANTS to be put in time out and happily walks on over to it when I ask him if he wants a time out!! He is one stubborn little boy! It is a good thing he is so freaking cute! Gonna move the chair somewhere less attractive for him so maybe he won’t look forward to being put on it.

Sherri - Glad I’m not the only one!!

Anything new about Lia on FB?


So yall I have am very sad… Last Thursday I got a call from Christine, my daycare provider, to come pick up Greyson from daycare now the cops were with the kids and a neighbor but she was at the hospital with the newborn she had just started watching a few weeks ago. She had stopped breathing during nap time and she did not make it. She was pronouced dead at the hospital.

It still sends chills down my whole body and makes me wanna cry. So yesterday she called me and just said she cannot reopen, which I do not blame her.

The investigator called and said the reason is RSV and to get all the kids tested. But all the kids had been sick at the daycare and G had already been to the pedi three time on three weeks. So he already had a chest xray and was on steroids. So he is all good. Which is great for us but devastating for those other parents.

So we start a new daycare tomorrow and I am just sick at the whole thing. I love Christine I trust her over some of my own family. I just cannot begin to understand what she must feel and loosing someones elses baby in ur watch.

Kiss ur babies extra tight. I have been since Thursday night…


Oh wow…that is so sad!