February 2010 Due Dates


Oh Mac that is awful :frowning: I feel bad for everyone involved.

How is Grey liking his new daycare? I switched Leah to a daycare centre (from home care) and she likes it SO much better! I think at the home care the tv was babysitting her, the sitter was smoking around her and letting her sit in poopy diapers long enough that she had sores on her bum :frowning: So far we’re liking the new daycare, they even offered me a job, I dropped my resume off on Monday so fingers crossed, maybe I’ll get a call soon.

Farler- How’s the journey for #2 (or 2&3) going? LOL :slight_smile:


Greyson is doing pretty good. He hasnt cried when we dropped him off or anything like that. But we did take him over there like 3 times and stayed for like 30 minutes each time so at least he would be familiar with the house and her. Her place is set up more like a daycare facility. They have a “playroom” with all the toys and ABC and 123 charts. In another room they have art project stations where they can color and do little projects. Then her backyard is like an outdoor playland. She has so much cool stuff for them to do. they only watch TV for about 15 after lunch to wind down for nap and the last 15 of the day while waiting for parents to get there and Im ok with that. It disney or KLRU which mostly at those times have learning programming on. So far I love it.

I am actually having a really hard time with this. Christine is like a family memeber to me. I actually drive there yesterday to pic him up and didnt even realize what I was doing until I pulled up to her house and of course I cried. Im sad for her and those parents mostly.

Grey I think knows something is missing. He has been a little fussy when he gets home. So I think he must miss her. He spent 9 hours a day with her 5 days a week. :frowning:


Oh Lindsay. How awful. I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine. No words…



Project Baby #2 is going along well! Taking my daily lupron shots & we just added estrace to the mix. I think I add Medrol to the mix later this week. We’ll have an ultrasound on 2/8 to check the thickness of my uterine lining. And if all goes well, transfer on 2/13!


Mac- Just read your post, sorry to hear about the baby. That is tragic…I imagine your friend is having a hard time and hope she gets some help…

Molly-Yay! Do you know when the transfer will be? Do you think this is a lot easier than a fresh cycle or just as hard?

Lia- Update?? I know you made your first goal!! So happy and thankful I am sure!

Where is everyone? It has been quiet around here. I am going crazy with these 2 year olds. They are turning me gray. You should have seen us shopping for a new car last weekend. It was a like a zoo. They were making alarms go off, Oliver spit on a car and kicked the tire. It was stupid chaotic. It was like a movie or something.


Yes it has been quiet. I see Lia post on FB.

She is getting help. She just feels guilty for the baby passing and for not being able to care for her other babies. She feels like she let all the parents and the kids down. Im like you cant take all that guilt on urself. They are kids they will be ok. Its harder for the parents I think.

Grey is doing great at his new daycare but we still miss her everyday.

mares G is enough for me. Ur superwoman. LOL. G is exhausting. But so is mac. he is 10 but with all his sports, homework, and practices and everything else he is just as exhausting. Plus the fact that I lug Grey to all these events is not fun. I cant watch mac play unless my sister, mom or husband is with me. We take turns. He insist on getting to his Bubba on that **** court. He has run out int he middle of the game 2 times. LOL. Im glad the other parents think its cute but I think its embarrassing.

Hope everyone is well and loving every minute of the terrible 2’s. Love that rotten lil boy!


Mares, try being 41 freaking years old and dealing with it… I’m so tired. And, we were up 4 times last night :grr:


Ally is insane right now too. We can’t go out to eat, we can’t go shopping…nothing! She’s all over the place. Screams when she doesn’t get her way, drops to the floor in a fit, hits me when she’s mad that I didn’t let her do something, etc etc etc!!! And then 2 minutes later she’s the most loveable kid in the world!


sheri we went through that with G for a couple months. It was awful. But with him it was a phase I guess or we ignored it long enough he quit.

He has always been pretty good grocery shopping. He has no choice but to sit there. He has tried to throw a fit to get down but he can cry all he wants u are not getting down. It is annoying to deal with all those people who roll there eyes or stare b.c a baby is crying. God forbid a child cry and not stop. People can be really annoying.

Out to eat is a differ story though. Its just not worth it to me to deal with it all. I would rather stay home and cook or order a pizza. lol. I can make my own margaritas lol.

Hope it gets better in time. My oldest went through this phase as well.


Sheri - Carter is right there with Ally! My sweet little boy, who was the perfect child at restaurants, will just melt! Andy & I joke that we walk on eggshells around him, trying not to upset him. We really only do that when we’re in a restaurant. At home, we let him have his fit & don’t give in. But we don’t want to ruin others dining experiences. Sucks!

I went to the Dr today for my lining check. 10mm which is perfect! PIO shots & medrol begins today. Transfer next Monday, 2/13. Beta test 2/22. Me -> :woohoo: OMFG it’s happening!!!

Lia’s FB post from yesterday: Today entailed five blood draws, (5!), an iron transfusion and yet another IV (#8). And you know what’s concerning me the most? That I’m just a little too fond of the smell of the hospital hand sanitizer.

What am I going to do when they release me into the real world again some day?


I feel the same way Molly - like I’m walking on eggshells too most of the time to not upset her. I pray she stays happy!

I know I let her get down and get her way too much. It’s hard because it’s either hit or miss with her when we’re out shopping. She’s really good or really horrible. And now she knows that when we get mad and pick her up because she’s not walking the right way or whatever and she’s not listening, she’ll say “I wanna be good girl Mommy”…thinking we’ll let her back down. Ugh, this girl. She’s a mess.


First PIO shot over! I was dreading it but my wonderful shotgiver did an awesome job & I didn’t even feel it! Whew!


Molly~Woo-hoo!!! I can’t believe all things are a go! So much fun!

Sheri~Jax is usually really good. I honestl can’t complain at all. He’s had one major tantrum, about 2 weeks ago, that lasted all of 5 minutes. He’s a little baby though. He has the worst fake cry ever, and everything is “ow”, because we always go running to him. He definitely knows how to play us but he also knows when he’s gone too far & to stop. We limit bringing him to resturants (at night mostly), but that merely because me & dh want to enjoy our dinner. He’s pretty good for breakfast and lunch. In regards to the store, well, if he’s with me, he sits in the cart. If he’s with dh, he whines to get down. That’s because I tell him NO and dh lets him. He has just starting pouting though! Where the heck did he learn this from? He crosses his arms, tucks his chin and mean mugs me like crazy. I ignore it and he stops.

I’m serioulsy loving this stage though, he’s so much fun. His birthday is this saturday, we are going to this super fun kids play place with a few friends, and having people over for pizza & cake. His party is next Sunday, eek, and then that’s it! NO more big parties. It’s driving me crazy!!! Anyway, I’m not on the computer often, since Jax broke about 8 of my keys (what an angel, right?), but I’m always checking in on my phone. Hope you all are great!


Sheri- Leah is like that too! She hits and kicks me if she doesn’t get her way (which gets her put right into timeout). She can shop a bit, but if she can reach anything at all she will throw if from the cart or off the shelf. I haven’t really taken her to restaurants because she is an ar$e at dinner time. She throws food if she doesn’t want it or isn’t hungry, and she definitely wouldn’t be happy sitting for an hour and a half while we wait for food and eat. I think it’s a phase, but it still sucks.

Molly- So excited for your transfer!!! February has been a life-changing and lucky months for us before, so hopefully it’ll be lucky again. It’d be neat to know that Carter was born on Feb.20 and his sibling was implanted around the same time!


hi all. lia’s fb post said that her water broke. fingers crossed and :pray: for her and baby joshua


She updated yesterday:

Thank you everyone so much for all your prayers and concern.
No baby yet. We are being held in L & D, and for about the past 36 hours I’ve been on a dizzying cocktail of medications to keep from going into labor. My water did indeed break, but the baby seems to be doing fine still. Basically, we’re in a complete holding pattern of indeterminate duration. We could have the baby today, tomorrow, this week, or several weeks from now. Still praying for several more weeks, but it’s unlikely. We really do appreciate the prayers… They seem to be working. :slight_smile:
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Footnote #1: I had my first blood transfusion, and still no sign of growing fangs. am I missing something here?
Footnote #2: IV #13 now sits about 3 inches from #10 and we’ve blown out two more veins with the bigger, garden-hose variety IVs. One tech finally said, “Your veins are too delicate to use those! Next time they try, tell them ‘NO!’”

And I’m going to. They really don’t want to miss with the Hunnybadger. Especially since I’m on the steroids again :wink:
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Keep those :pray: & :cross: coming!!

I had my transfer this morning. So I am PUPO!! So exciting. I keep telling myself it’ll be twins, both embies are going to burrow in & stick around! :cross:


Molly- Are you gonna POAS?? I hope so! :slight_smile:


Of course Mary! There’s no way I could make it without POAS. I’ll be hitting the Dollar Store this week for some stuff for Carter’s birthday party. I’m sure I’ll grab a few pregnancy tests. The question is how long I’ll be able to wait. If I get any spotting, I’ll have to test!


Molly~Ahhhhh! Pupo! Yay. Can’t wait to hear the updates!


Lia had the baby!!!

This is Lia “HunnyBadger”'s husband. Just wanted to let everyone know that Lia had the baby this morning at 5:39am.

Joshua Liam Nelson came into this world at 2 lbs even and is doing great. Lia made it through the surgery with flying colors and is recovering in icu now. They are both doing fine and well.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my wife and baby and helped support us through all this. I will try and post some pics asap and will update here as things progress. Please keep the prayers coming for Lia’s quick recovery and Joshua’s strong growth. Thank you again. Love to all.

Sending lots of :pray: & :cross: their way!