February 2010 Due Dates


Molly- Yay! Congrats on your Twinkies!!! I’m predicting 2 girls :slight_smile: When is your next appt or u/s? Do you have enough bedrooms or will you be house hunting shortly?

Lia- Love hearing how well Josh is doing! There was never any doubt that Baby Badger would be a scrappy lil fighter beating the odds! Keep us posted on his growth :slight_smile:

Ablessing- LOL that is too funny about your password. I feel bad that I forget to check in here as often as I used to.

Is anyone’s toddlers still in a crib? Leah is still in her crib (with crib tent), I’m terrified of moving her to a bed. Ugh. She’ll be the kid that falls asleep on her floor at midnight. She has started randomly asking to go potty. She’s peed on the potty 3 times, we made a big deal of it. But I’m not forcing the issue yet either. I’d prefer to go balls to the wall this summer. That is also when I’m thinking of putting her in a bed. She’s still my little baby :frowning: How can she be big enough for a bed LOL.


Brooklyn and Cooper are still in their cribs. They seem really happy in them so I haven’t even thought of big beds for them yet. Brooklyn asks to sit on the potty but it is a novelty and she has never actually used it.

Coop still gets up every single night…sometimes more than once. UGH!! We haven’t had a full night of sleep in two years (except when we were on holidays without the kids). He now wakes up and has temper tantrums in the middle of the night. Something has to give… :grr:

It is funny how they keep swapping back and forth who is the better one. Sometimes it’s B and sometimes it’s C. Right now, Brooklyn is so defiant it is crazy. She says no to everything and when you tell her not to do something, she does it with a defiant look on her face. She is driving us nuts :slight_smile: How are you all dealing with discipline?

My nanny is leaving at the end of the month - she has her papers now and can go get a job at Wendy’s which she thinks is better. She is going to learn a quick lesson in life that I treated her really well, paid her OT in cash so it wasn’t taxed, bought her a $120/month bus pass and paid for her medical. She won’t get any of those perks at Wendy’s and will not even get 40 hours per week. Poor girl… We have a new nanny who will be a live-in and we hope this buys us a little more time to be grown ups and do grown up things once in a while. I’m worried how the kids are going to adjust to the change though because our nanny has been with us since we brought them home from the hospital.

And to top it all off, I’m sure you all saw, my doggy died weep


Brooklyn- I did see about Teya and I’m so sorry for your loss :grouphug: Have the babies noticed or asked for her? So sad to lose a furry friend, sometimes they are even better than human friends!

Leah is defiant too, and time outs had been working for us, but now don’t at all. She has realized that she can get out of the time out spot and likes to play “catch me” if you want me to sit there. Ugh. Our problem is hitting and kicking. Leah beats up her poor big sister. Emma is a way nicer kid than most too, because she never hits back she just says “no hitting, that’s not nice”. Leah gets physical anytime Emma tries to play with her and her toys. But if Leah wants to play with Emma’s toys they share and get along nicely. I’ve asked the daycare she goes to and they say she doesn’t do that there? WTH?!

Wow, your Nanny is delusional. Well she’ll figure out soon how good she had it. Hopefully the new Nanny appreciates her job more and gives you more grown up time. We’ve finally started trying to go out alone every few weeks and let me tell you, it is so nice!

Have you talked to your ped. about Coop’s sleeping? I hope he starts sleeping for you soon, but I think at this point he’s trained his little body to wake and it’s become a habit :frowning: And if you are anything like me and love sleep this must be horrific.


Brooklyn~Once again…soooo sorry for your loss. I cried when I read your story about bringing her to the beach for one last walk. It’s so hard to go through and it’s harder when people don’t understand. You will heal in time.

Jax is spoiled! We go into a store and he just goes, “mama, this? This? This?” Half the time he’s pointing to food, spices…he just does it to see what he can get. I’ve always said that I’ll give him anything in the world that he wants as long as he’s not a brat! Well, he’s gotten everything he’s wanted, until yesterday! He wanted another squishy toy (obsessed with these $1 things), and I said no. He freaked. I put him in the car, he kept crying, I said, “if you keep crying, your going to walk home, do you want to walk home?” Jax’s reply “tyes”. OMG!!! He knows when I’m bluffing. So I learned 2 lessons yesterday, no more goodies every time we go to the store and no more bluffing! Ahhh the things these youngins teach us <3


Greyson is still in his crib and I dread the day when he figures out he is big enough to get out of there. I will probably have to put a baby gate to keep him in his room when we transition to a bed. I cannot imagine the mess he would make. Since he can open doors, open the fridge, climb on table and counters (drags chairs and climbs up). SCARY!

Susan I also teared up so sorry about ur baby. I cannot imagine the pain. Teenk, our boxer, was our first pet and she is still with us. I actually was talking to my dad, he is big into boxer rescue here in Austin and has three of his own, he made a donation in her name. He always does that when a pet passes. He is a stubborn old fart but has a heart of gold.

Grey is a bad baby and I tell him that often. We get in shouting matches and he tells me no all the time. Mommy wins cause I dont care how long he screams. I just walk in the other room. Sometimes I hear loud noises cause he will throw or kick something. He is something else. But he also is the sweetest thing ever. Hugs and kisses and cuddles. He is my Sour Patch Kid.

He also will hit or kick his bother or the dogs. If Dig, our Boston, tries to even get near his snacks he freaks and yells no and kicks him. Geeze what do I do with him.


Macdev- At least Greyson tries to defend his food LOL, Leah shares everything with Scout and now Scout has become a horrible moocher/snack stealer. I hate dogs that beg or steal food, and Scout is so bad for it. Leah make no bones about hitting Scout and saying “Bad Doggy” though if Scout takes one of her toys.

Leah drags chairs around and climbs stuff all the time. Ugh. I think she belongs in the circus.


Mac~I seriously just peed…love the sour patch kid reference. I’m stealing it!!!


where is everyone??


It’s a ghost town!


I’m around!

Crazy about 3 ago I started my Ivf journey!! I’m hoping to do a Fet soon as soon as we move and settle! August is the goal!


I’m here :slight_smile:

Excited about all the new and coming babies!


I was strongly advised not to be pregnant again:(


Paisley!!! What are you talking about?? :frowning: are you ok?


Yes yes I am fine but had too many complications while pregnant last time ( and post) and I was lucky enouught to not have any long term effects ( not talking about the cancer that’s a different story) and I don’t think I’d be so lucky a second time. Im pretty ambivalent about it and my hubby doesn’t want any more, but still very bummed.


Happy Easter everyone!!!

Sooo, I we did an ovulation kit last month, and it said I ovulated (first time in over 4 months) and today is the first day of missed period…threw up twice, and dizzy.

:bfp: ???

Ill test tomorrow…scared.


Mares…WHAT??? Your not gonna be too much fun preggo in Vegas :wink:


mares…you mean au naturel??? you said a few months!


Mares!!! OMG, well?!?!?!?!?!?!



I’m ok with that. I’ll test again in a few days to be sure.

Paisley- yes it woulda been au natural because we won’t start any cycles until August or September.

Cheryl- guess ill have to keep my dress down then :wink:


Holy Moly, I see I’ve missed a bit! I’ma read, but not poster LOL.

Paisley- :frowning: That’s too bad. But you need to keep yourself healthy for you and the girls :slight_smile:

Mares- What?!?!? I can’t wait to know what happens if you test again. I don’t have my tubes anymore, but do ovulate monthly, and last month I was 8 days late. Chris was panicking LOL.