February 2013 ER for March FET


Hi all.

I just wanted to start a thread for those on antagonist protocol who are undergoing IVF retrieval in February for FET (frozen transfer) at a later date in March.

Anyone else out there in similar situation?

I just had my ER on 2/13 (Wed), we had 8 embryos on Thursday (I should be finding out more tomorrow.)…long story short, I am on antagon protocol with Lupron trigger to avoid OHSS…so far it seems that it worked like a charm :woohoo: I am not experiencing OHSS like last year :clap: …so happy and relieved!
Since we did the Lupron trigger, and because of my proneness to severe OHSS, all embryos will be frozen and we will be doing FET first or second week of March…:woohoo:

I was wondering if there is anyone else out here in a similar situation, where you have/had ER for freezing purposes only, no fresh transfer, but later FET? And even better whether there is anyone out there who ended up :preg: with this approach?

I am also wondering, since this is the 2nd time (this is my 2nd IVF), my ESTROGEN levels both in IVF #1 in 2012 and now few days ago again (IVF #2) are really, really high before the retrieval (>8,000 last year and 10,000 this year)…did anyone experience anything like this too? What does your doctor say about levels this high??