February 2014 FET


Well my IVF/DE failed and we are moving towards a Feb. 2014 FET. We did our IVF in Cancun so I’ll be going by myself. As a next step what questions would you suggest asking the clinic regarding FET. I am suspicious of the stats they gave because the 80% stats. were based on a small sample size since they are a new clinic. I really want true/real numbers.

What will be your protocol?


I will being doing FET on Feb 11th if all goes well.

As for the stats…they are just that. Stats. You can never really know for sure what your own chances are. It’s the nightmare of IVF…being completely out of control.

My protocol is as follows:

20 units of Lupron daily to supress ovulation

Start 6mg of Estrace on Jan 20th to start thickening my lining

Discontinue Lupron and start PIO (2mL twice a day) and 3 Progesterone Lozenges 3x per day on Feb 7th

Ultrasound and Progesterone test on Feb 10

Thaw and Transfer 2 embies on Feb 11th with assisted hatching

I did have success with a FET back in 2011 which gave me a baby girl in 2012. This is the same protocol I did then as well with the same clinic. The main things I would ask them about is how thick they want your lining to be for transfer (lining that isn’t thick enough isn’t good for implanting), and make sure you are on sufficient amounts of progesterone (low progesterone can lead to miscarriage). A FET is SO much easier on your body than a fresh transfer and it almost feels like nothing is going on. Fingers crossed you get your BFP this time!!!


CautiouslyOptmstc- Wishing you dust for the two. What do you know about the thaw rates for 5 day blast v. 3 day? Family4Us- Will you be starting for the next baby?? I know you just had one in Oct. I was pregnant 5 months later. Wow…those were a busy 2 years, but actually no more work with two than just the one. If so, dust to you also.


I don’t know anything about Day 3 freezing since both times we did day 5/6. Yours are Day 5 right? If you did gender selection did you find that out through PGD testing?


No we did not do the PGD testing. Yes-- all of ours were 5 day. I just read something about the thawing rate being less successful for 5 day blast, which would be odd since these are the more higher quality embryos. They performed a Erricson method-excuse spelling. This is where they separate the male and female sperm. I guess they have found that the sperm react differently to what ever testing. So that was free and we took advantage of it since we have a total of 5 girls between us and no boys. But we would be happy with a baby regardless of sex.


Overall blasts are better. However, the Internet is the place where you can find every single differing opinion. That’s why I just don’t even bother looking up stats and pros/cons anymore. None of it really matters when you get right down to it because what’s frozen is already frozen. It’s either going to work or it’s not. If it doesnt work thats when you can look at all of the factors. My mom did IVF at 49 and conceived my little sister. It took 3 tries, but it eventually happened. They only did fresh back then so she was shocked I got pregnant with my daughter from frozen. They say that only the strongest survive the freeze so if they come out of the freeze and ready to implant your chances are better. Do you have a date for FET yet?


Since AF has still not show, I will be doing my FET in Feb instead of Jan. I started Lupron on 12/30 but still no AF. I have done 5 fresh IVF in 2013. We are doing our 1st FET this month so just waiting to get started. We tried doing PGS but my blasts are just not large enough on Day 5 to biopsy, so going in blind. We have been TTC for over 5 years and it is taking its toll on us for sure.


Good for you wishing much baby dust to you. Does your clinic have some guarantee program?


5 fresh cycles is lots of work. Does your clinic have a guarantee program? I am going to post a question about the product called Embryoglue out of Switzerland.


No I do not qualify for the guarantee programs at either clinic I have been too. Yes 5 IVFs was very difficult. I get OHSS moderately after ER my E2 is sky high as well. So into the FET world we go. I still have not started AF. So tired of counting days.


Welcome HeartSick4Girl! I’m sorry your past IVF rounds haven’t worked out but I have a good feeling about your FET. I got my first child from doing FET, and honestly, my body felt SO much better, and I truly believe that’s why it worked. I have always thought that while people might debate fresh vs. frozen being better for the embryos, I definitely believe that my body was much more ready for pregnancy by doing FET. My RE doesn’t even like to do fresh anymore because he feels that FET is more successful. If you suffer from OHSS with fresh then the FET might be exactly what your body needs. I know all the waiting for AF sucks, and I hope it comes soon. It never fails that when you want AF to show up she doesn’t, and when you don’t…she does.

Mamanas - I saw your signature update…what happened???


Hi ladies! I am wishing for all of us to get BFP’s this cycle! cautiouslyoptmistic I am also tentatively scheduled for Feb 11th transfer! I start lupron injections of 10 units tomorrow morning in my thigh. You would think with all the stimulation shots and everything else I wouldn’t have a fear of needles, but tomorrow giving this in my thigh scares me to death since I have never done it in the past. I tried to YouTube videos but not a lot out there which was surprising. Anyone have advice on the best technique for the thigh?


Welcome Rhubarby! Exciting that we are scheduled for the same day right now :slight_smile: Is there a reason they want you to do it in your thigh? I have always been given the option of thigh or belly and I do belly. It’s much easier! Wow! Lots of OHSS for you with ERs. Hopefully the FET is exactly what you need!


Feb. 11th seems to be a magic day. Baby Dust to everyone. I had a conference call with my Dr. in Mexico to review cycle. We are both on the same page that we had a textbook perfect cycle with excellent embryos and my lining was perfect. But still no BFP. So we (Dr. Embryologist and me) will pull together a strategy to use for the next cycle. The Dr. is trying to get the cost down and I am selecting another donor. So it looks as if March will be when I go back to do another fresh cycle. I think a fresh cycle is good and I want a donor who has a proven record of producing embryos that make it to 5 day blast. So we will see.


Mamanas - Did he say why he kept them out until Day 7? My RE has always told us that an embryo has to be frozen by Day 6 or it will die. I would recommend talking to your RE about that! I think it’s very wise to use a Donor with a proven track record. Fingers crossed and baby dust to you in March for a fresh cycle!!!


Hey ladies, fx and good luck to all of the FET’s!!! Afm I start lupron 10 units next wed 1/22. I’m getting anxious and excited!!! I won’t get my fet schedule until af comes. I have a week and 4 days left of birth control… Going away with dh to FL feb 3-7 and will be doing a boudior photo shoot for my dh this Thursday!!! Hoping all of this will help us to relax and spice things up!!! Ttc for almost 3 years has really taken a toll on our sex life and marriage… Praying and having faith in God this is going to work!!! I claim it in Jesus’ name!!!


TTC#2 we meet again! This is going to be our cycle!!


TTC#2 we meet again! This is going to be our cycle.


Heartsick yes it is :slight_smile: we might be fet cycle buddies :slight_smile:


cautiouslyoptmstc he stated that he felt it would be best from my previous response from lupron in my stomach. I actually prefer the thigh now that I am 3 days in. There is no pain at all! Welcome TCC#2 and heartsick! :slight_smile: So ladies, I had my endometrial scratch today. Anyone else doing this? It was over in a few minutes. The pain reminded me of PMS cramps. Within 5 mins it settled down and now 5 hours later I just have tenderness. They say it increase your success rate by 20%. Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts. :slight_smile: