February 2014 IVF


Here we go again! I told myself I wouldn’t start the February posts, but just can’t wait any longer! lol! I am starting my BCP tomorrow (CD 3) in anticipation of a February stim cycle. I have my plan of care meeting to get my calendar on January 9. I am assuming my protocol will be similar to my first fresh cycle as I seemed to respond well. I am hoping that 2014 will be good to all of us that are just beginning or still hoping for their baby! :babydust: :pray: :babydust:


Best of luck Bean4Teacher! I hate the BC period. I always have break through bleeding and it makes me moody. I think my cycle will mostly be in January but it may fall into February so if it is okay I will join this board too! This is my 3rd Fresh IVF cycle. Trying for my first. I am trying a different protocol this time and very nervous about it. Im currently doing BC until January 7th. I am also on prednisone. I should start my stims in 2 weeks and i am doing clomid, bravelle,menopur, follistim, granilex, omnitrope, estrace. It is supposed to be a lower stim but i am still paying over 3000 for meds! If only insurance would cover it! Me: 26 normal Husband: 32 normal 7 IUI’s- BFN 1st IVF- Gonal F, Repronex, Lupron, BC protocol- retrieved 10 eggs, 9 fertilized- three 3 day embryos transferred- none left to freeze. BFP and then M/C at 5wk 2nd IVF- (New RE) Menopur, Bravelle, Omnitrope, BC, Lupron- retrieved 11 eggs, 9 fertilized- three 3 day embryos transferred- none left to freeze. BFN


:welcome: I’ve never seemed to have too many issues with BCP’s but maybe dh would disagree! lol! I was really hoping to be able to do my stims toward the end of January, but found out that my RE groups people together so all retrievals and transfers are in the last couple weeks of the month. I will find out more about it when I get my calendar next Thursday. I am lucky enough to have separate medical and pharmacy benefits which somehow makes it so that my meds are covered. I am soooo grateful for that! I figure that in the end, after copays, it will cost around $125 for all my meds. It is nice since everything else is out of pocket as far as IVF goes. It definitely gets expensive when you have to do several cycles in order to get the outcome we so desperately want. Sorry to hear that you have also had several failures. I am trying to be extra positive this round (and year) as well as try to be better at dealing with hiccups and failures along the way. If my protocol stays the same, I will be on BCP’s, Lupron, Bravelle, Menopur, Endometrin, Doxycycline, Medrol, Baby Aspirin, Prenatals, HCG (trigger), valium. I think that covers it all. DH has also been on a Clomid/HCG “cocktail” for the last 6 months to help improve his swimmer production. We have to do TESE and last time they had an extremely hard time finding any–eventually barely finding enough to fertilize the eggs they got after “looking” for over 45 minutes. Hoping for an easier retrieval for him this time! I hope that this year will be it for all of us that have been hanging on for so long!


I may be on this board by myself but I’m going to update anyway! :slight_smile: The wait to get my calendar on Thursday is agonizing, but slowly getting here. Hoping everything gets started earlier rather than later in February. Fingers crossed for 2014 to be a good year for all!


Hi guys hoping I can join you … Our Jan cycle had been delayed due to the early arrival of AF so now looks like we will commence stimming towards the end of jan., This will be our 4th IVF but I have a good feeling about this one with a change of RE and a new year! Hope alls well with you and @bean you are not alone in this board :slight_smile:


Count me in. Had my WTF appointment with the dr today, starting BCP Thursday at the latest (I am thinking Thursday - hate BCP, too, and get pretty serious bleeding with it). Trying long Lupron protocol again, and the dr wants to up the FSH dose to 300 IUs. I was on 300 IUs 3.5 years ago, and got OHSS, so I am a bit hesitant.


My computer will not allow me to comment on people’s posts. Technology sometimes. Bean4Teacher- Today is the day for your calendar! YAY. I hope that it can be sooner than later. Babeehope- hopefully this one will work out. 4 times is no fun at all! I am on my 3rd right now. I go in for an u/s tomorrow to see where I am and if I can start taking meds and what not. I am doing a vast amount of meds this time. It was supposed to be a low stim because they want quality not quantity. I sure hope it works out this time. I do not like the emotional roller coaster ride. I just quit my job in an OBGYN office. I couldn’t handle it anymore lol


Hi ladies! We will also be doing IVF in February. I start BC today,so it looks like we’re starting this together Trans-Siberian! :wink: This will be our second IVF with ICSI and I’m praying that it happens for us this time around. DH has already said “no more” if this doesn’t work. It breaks my heart to promise that I will give up. Sooooooo…it’s gonna happen this time. Positive attitude, right? That and lots of praying.


Got my calender! :clap: I’m excited to see that it starts a week earlier than I had anticipated! YAY! Here’s my anticipated schedule: Jan. 23-start Lupron. Jan. 25-both DH & I start Doxy. Jan 30-Stop BCP. Feb. 5-Baseline. Feb. 6 start stims: Follistim & Menopur. Daily ultrasounds begin Feb. 13 with possible retrieval any day from Feb 14-17 depending on size of follicles. I am hoping to be able to do a 5-day transfer which could happen anytime the week of Feb. 16. We’ll see how everything goes. I’m trying to be really optimistic this round! It’s my time, I just KNOW it! :slight_smile: :babydust:


:hello I will be joining as well. We have decided at the last minute to do a fresh IVF cycle instead of repeating our FET. Right now they just discovered that I developed a large cyst on my left ovary so got a shot of hcg to pass it. I find out tomorrow if it has passed & we can begin our medications.


Ok, so I’m curious… What supplements have you ladies taken this round and is anyone doing acupuncture? I’ve been taking… Royal jelly Wheat grass Fertilaid Prenatal Melatonin And just started coq10 and additional folic acid. (I know it seems like a ton but it hasn’t been that bad. I only took prenatals and folic acid last time so I wanted to take anything I’ve read could help.) I think we’re supposed to stop before stims, right?


WishingForBaby–I haven’t taken any extra supplements besides prenatals so not sure about stopping them during stims. I am planning on doing a couple acupuncture sessions since I found a Livingsocial deal for it. I’ve never done acupuncture before so we’ll see how that goes. I will probably also do some regular massages as they really help with relaxation for me. How is everyone else doing? I had to go for blood work yesterday for an updated infectious disease check and AMH check. I didn’t have an AMH check with my first fresh cycle, so I’m curious to see what it comes back at. I’m assuming it will come back pretty good for my age since I was able to get such a high amount of eggs last fresh cycle. The nurse told me that my meds may change based on my AMH levels (mostly the lupron dosage and frequency), but am anticipating it not effecting anything. Can anyone tell me how long it took to get your results back if you did AMH testing? The nurse told me to expect it to take up to 10 days. That seems like a long time considering today’s technologies! I am also frustrated with the fact that she told me she wouldn’t do any prior authorizations for any of my meds until those results came in. If it truly takes the 10 days, that would give me 2 days to get the prior authorizations done AND get the meds ordered/delivered before I am supposed to actually start the first med–Lupron. I hate the frustration the nurse in charge of prior auths causes me! I have told her several times that is what I am most worried about and she still insists on waiting. I haven’t had my WTF appointment from my last failed FET (it’s on the 21st) so at least I will still get my chance to freak out about it to the RE. I have already begun a list of things to bring up to him because of frustrations from the nurses. I seriously can’t wait until all of these processes/cycles are over and I can say it was all worth it because I’ll have my baby!


Hi Ladies!!! I would like to join in!! We were going to do a fresh IVF cycle in Dec and my FSH was great, but me ER was going to fall on Christmas Day (the only day the clinic is closed) so it got pushed back to Jan. Got my labs drawn last weekend and my FSH went back up to 11 so now we are headed towards February. I had stopped taking me DHEA for a while because DH and I thought we would be out of town and had to skip January so the high FSH was our fault. I am happy to say that I get to skip the BCP part. I just go straight to a stim protocol. It worked great for us last time. As you can see by my signature DH and I had a rough 2013 but it ended on a good note so we are ready to welcome in 2014 and see what surprises it has in store for us. WishingFor Baby - I am currently on: DHEA, Vit E, CoQ10, L-Arganine, raw Royal Jelly, Wheat Grass and Prenatal Vitamins. My first acupuncture appt for this cycle is next Wednesday. I did all of this with my last full cycle also except the Royal Jelly. I read it helps with FSH so I figured I would give it a try. I been having more trouble with my FSH since I gave birth to my twins. Getting older sucks. Good luck to all of you this cycle I hope we get lots of BFP!!!


:welcome: lilyicu! I recognize your name from following threads last year. While i am always excited to see a familiar face, I am also saddened by it as that means you are still waiting to get your baby. Hopefully this will be the cycle for all of us! I’m jealous that you don’t have to take the BCP! I don’t normally have too many issues with them but this time they have been giving me horrible headaches. I’ll be glad when that part is done. Hopefully good things will happen in 2014!


I had to take BCP with my FET. After being as depressed as I was, and being on BCP and then taking estrogen, I thought I was going to go crazy. The fresh cycle is much easier on me mentally than the FET.


Hi ladies. I would love to join the group as well. We have our FET tentatively scheduled for Feb 11th! :slight_smile:


Welcome Rhubarby2!!!


Hi there everyone, I am new to this board and I’m looking for a little comfort in numbers! I am on day 8 of my B.C pills and this is my first ivf cycle. My husband has had multiple surgeries in order for us to get this far… My hero! I think the pills are driving me a little nutty and I am nauseated! I hoping this next week and a half go quick! Any advise for a newcomer? Jess


Mrslaudy, welcome! I think the majority of us would tell you that the BC pills and the most of the meds make us a little nutty, or if you ask my husband more then a little. :wink: i has to switch to taking my BC in the morning right after breakfast. I notice that it helped my nausea. My husband takes a positive outlook when I complain but my stomach being upset or the nausea and tells me that it is just preparing me for pregnancy. If you are physically getting sick regularly I would call you dr immediately. :slight_smile:


I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt like BCP’s are effecting me. I have been having slight dizzy spells and nausea the last couple weeks. :frowning: I will be really glad when I can stop taking them. So I had blood work done for an updated infectious disease panel and amh levels. The nurse at RE’s office said it could take up to 10 days to get results. I decided to get on my insurance provider site and it already has my results posted in my personal account. I am 35 and it said my level was .84. I don’t know a lot about the amh levels, but I was actually a bit shocked it was that low! I really expected it to come back pretty high just based on the amount of eggs I was able to retrieve with my first ivf. Anyone have any insight on this? I never had the levels done with my first ivf, so don’t have anything to compare it to. I am irritated, though, that the nurse didn’t call to tell me she had the results and confirm that she was FINALLY going to get the prior authorizations started on my meds. I’m quicky becoming unhappy with this clinic! They told me that they offered discounts after failed cycles so I decided to stick with them through this second fresh cycle. The “discount” ended up being less than $500. I’m sorry, but less than $500 off of a $10k expense is NOT a discount. I know I should be grateful for anything, but I’m losing hope here! Sorry for the rant… I hope everyone else is having better luck than me! Hopefully after I finally get to have my wtf appointment with RE (who’s totally going to get a mouthful of all this nurse crap!) about my last month’s failed FET, I will feel better about things.