Feel like my body is toying with me...


I am 7dp3dt and since yesterday evening have been feeling like AF is coming at full force. I have the exact feelings I have when I’m getting my period. I did POAS this morning, and usual, it was a huge, big, fat, disappointing negative. I’m just upset because I have this constant cramping and feeling like I’m bleeding. So far there has been no blood, but I had a huge progesterone drop a few days ago and they’ve been concerned that I am at risk for bleeding. I’m just so mad at my body…I mean, I don’t want to bleed, but I’m on absolute pins and needles waiting to see what’s happening with this constant sensation of bleeding. I wish someone could tell me they’ve been through this before…but something just doesn’t feel right! :frowning:


As you know, AF and pregnancy and progesterone all share the same symptoms. 7dp3dt is still way too early to test, so don’t lose hope! The constant cramping may well be a good sign - that something is cooking in there ! :bsv:


Progesteron drop is normal in IVF cycles, it is called luteal phase defect, and it is the reason why they give you progesterone supplements. Mine went from 180 to 13. Wait for your beta. Best of luck!:bsv: